Simple Mobile Lowers Data Caps


Right on the heels of the devastating Solavei announcement last night, we find that Simple Mobile has done the same style of “increased pricing by cutting services” price change as well. Gone is the $40 unlimited plan with 1GB of 4G data as well as the $60 5GB plan. The new offerings fall in with the Solavei offerings of $40 for 500MB of 4G and 4 GB of 4G respectively. Users will still find that these plans end up costing 10-15% cheaper than their Solavei counterparts, but they are definitely a higher priced option than Spot Mobile, who is still offering the 1GB plan for $39.99. Of course, at the high end of the spectrum, a 4GB plan for $60 is still far cheaper than the $83.49 you will spend for that Solavei 4GB plan or the $84 you will spend for the unlimited T-Mobile Simple Choice option, but at least you will snag the LTE speeds with the T-Mo plan.

Overall, this change won’t affect too many users as many of the Simple Mobile users were already running the unchanged $50 plan, but for those bargain hunters that want another month of the $40 1GB plan, head on over to and snag a Spot Mobile SIM for free. No telling how long they can hold the line with the 1GB offering, but for now, they are the last one doing it at the $40 mark.


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