Motorola Moto X Deal Gone In 60 Seconds


Motorola passed along the holiday cheer to a few lucky followers today, but left many more in the dark with their $150 off any non-contract Moto X giveaway. The deal, which appeared on their Facebook page this morning was gone before most people even had their page refreshed to see it. Hopefully, this is a sign of deals to come from Motorola this holiday season and not a one off shot that only allowed a few people to grab the non-contract deal on the X. On a side note, the offer only applied to Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile versions of the X, so those waiting for a Republic Wireless version wouldn’t have gotten the additional $150 off anyways.

The Moto X is currently in stock and available for purchase as is the lower end Moto G handset. You can snag either one at for $549.99 or $179.99 respectively.

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