Solavei Increasing Pricing 45% Overnight

It was only a matter of time before the bottom line caught up with Solavei and their users. The draw of Solavei was the word ‘unlimited’. Of course, it wasn’t long before users found that there was a different meaning to that word if you were in the top 5% of the data users on the service. The other shocker to most users was the $60 bill that many users encountered when they completely expected to see one for $49. Now, life is going to get worse for those people and the trios underneath them.

Tonight, Solavei introduced a completely new pricing structure that doesn’t even measure up to services that are already out there. The new plans start with a $20 increase in price to the 4GB plan. This plan is the original $49 offering that gives a user unlimited talk, text and data. The first 4GB of which are 4G HSPA+42 speeds. The $49 mark now drops to 2GB of 4G speeds before throttling happens. The other new additions to their program is the $39 500MB plan and the $25 voice and text only plan.

While this may seem like a great marketing ploy, many users will not like the fact that their $60 plan just got cut to 2GB of data. Especially when Spot Mobile offers that same plan for $49.99 without any taxes or surcharges added on to it. The Spot Mobile plan also includes unlimited international long distance to select countries and a $20 credit to call additional countries or mobile lines.

If you are one that needed that 4GB of data and don’t want to see your bill approach $85 a month, you can opt to take up Simple Mobile on their $60 a month offering that matches Solavei’s, but it doesn’t have the added charges of additional taxes and fees. This is the exact same plan that Solavei is currently selling for $69. Now do you see where that “$20 commission” is coming from. You recruit 3 people and get $20 – by making them pay $10 more for the same service every month. Yes, Solavei has officially become a pyramid scheme. Overcharging for services so people at the top of the chain make more money.

Anyone that is sick of getting taken advantage of and paying for Ryan Wuerch’s trips to Guatemala to see his support staff (way to keep the jobs in the US man!) or to Oklahoma to visit his first tier investors needs to voice their opinions by leaving fast. Spot Mobile and Simple Mobile offer better deals and cheaper rates for everyone. Sure, there’s not a commission structure, but why rip off your friends and family? Stop the madness and visit today and get a FREE SIM card for any of their services.

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