PTEL Mobile Offers Up Free Phones With Unlimited Plans


Score one for the end user! PTel Mobile is at it again with another amazing deal. Right now, you can choose from select handset at no charge when you purchase the $25, $35, $40, $50 or $60 unlimited monthly plans from PTel Mobile. Stock is moving extremely quickly on these older devices, but for those that don’t need the latest and greatest, or that just want to give the T-Mobile MVNO a try out, there is no better way to get started than for free.

From feature phones like the Alcatel Sparq and the Samsung Smiley to the aged Android powered HTC Wildfire S, the free devices cover a pretty good selection of people’s needs. While you won’t find a stellar deal on the Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One M7 on this promotion, the fact that you can grab that backup device or maybe one for the kids at no charge really makes this worth taking a look at.

Considering the $25 plan with SIM card is only $29.99 online right now from PTel Mobile, it makes a $79.99 device seem like an amazing deal. Don’t forget that includes a month of unlimited talk, text and 2G data to go with it. If you are in the market for a feature phone or a simplistic smartphone model, swing by the PTel Mobile website and check out the Free Phone link today.

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Getting More From Your Cell Plan: Red Pocket Mobile


Choices, we can never have too many of them. Fortunately, there are always options for cellular providers for when we become disenchanted with our current one. MVNO’s, or Mobile Virtual Network Operators, are one such option that many people have never heard of, nor do they completely understand what they do. Companies like GIV Mobile, Net10, PTel Mobile and Red Pocket Mobile are such operators. Other, more well known MVNO’s are companies like Boost Mobile, Straight Talk and Simple Mobile.

What usually happens with MVNO’s, is that they are locked to a particular network. PTel Mobile for example, uses the T-Mobile LTE network. Their plans start at a cost saving, $20 a month, but if you live in a bad T-Mobile coverage area, you don’t have a way to switch networks. Boost Mobile runs on Sprint’s network, which is great if you are in a strong Sprint coverage area, but not so good if they don’t have coverage there. This is where stronger MVNO’s like Red Pocket Mobile can fill the gap for you. Red Pocket Mobile operates on all 4 major networks, so a simple handset change and an online chat to customer service has you moved to your new network in a few simple steps.


Red Pocket Mobile has a few different options to choose from as far as plans go. First you have your basic “Flagship Plans” that are available on any network you choose. These include a $29.99 plan with unlimited talk and text, with 500MB of data. This is great for the lighter smartphone user, or the person that is constantly around Wi-Fi, but might need data occasionally. Moving up $10, you move to unlimited 2G data (about 128kbps) and the same 500MB of LTE speeds. If you opt for using the T-Mobile network, you get your LTE data allotment doubled to 1GB on this plan. For $49.99, you double up the LTE data on the plan to 1GB on Verizon, Sprint or AT&T or 2GB on T-Mobile. For $59.99, you move to a full 3GB of LTE data before throttling kicks in.

When you move to the carrier specific plans, the deals can get even better. For example, if you aren’t much of a talker, you can snag the Red Pocket Mobile Web & Texter CDMAS plan on Sprint’s network for $34.99 a month. This plan includes 300 minutes of talk, unlimited text and unlimited data with 2GB at LTE speeds. With the Red Pocket Mobile T-Mobile plans, you can snag a $19.99 pan that includes 300 minutes of talk and unlimited text and 2G data. Red Pocket Mobile even has GSMT (T-Mobile) plan that is data only for those that have made the move to Google Hangouts for their talk and text services. For just $10 a month, you get 1GB of LTE data. Additional data can be purchased a la carte during the month as you need more.

Of course, all the savings in the world won’t amount to anything if the service doesn’t live up to the standards you are used to. This is where MVNO’s have their biggest struggle since the do no have a store you can just stop in and visit when you need assistance. Although their website does a pretty terrible job of point them out, there are many independent Red Pocket Mobile dealers in many areas of the country. We recommend checking Facebook or Google for a dealer in your area that can help with account issues if you have any. If there’s not a dealer near you, skip the phone call and log on to the Red Pocket Mobile website and begin a chat session. We’ve found that hold times on the phone can reach 20-30 minutes compared with the 5 minute holds online.


While you can use any handset, well, almost any handset with your Red Pocket Mobile service, if you need a new one, Blu Products makes some amazing handsets in the sub-$200 range. These unlocked GSM handsets work with both the T-Mobile and AT&T plans on Red Pocket Mobile. The better part, the items are fulfilled by Amazon, so you are able to exchange them if you aren’t happy with the quality of the device right off the bat. You can also find some amazing deals on Sprint Prepaid devices that can be activated with the CDMAS service as well.


As far as the actual service goes, Red Pocket Mobile coverage and service depends on the network and device you are using. While we wish we could say that it will always be a perfect experience, we have to be honest and say it won’t be. In the 3 years one of our editors has had Red Pocket Mobile service, there have been two instances where there were some problems with his account. The first was a plan change from a higher priced offering to a lower priced offering. It took about an hour online to get it worked out, but it was cleared as quickly as they could figure out what was happening. The second was a voice mail issue after an account ‘refresh’ and a new device was put on the account. The baffles were cleared and apparently the voice mail system setup disappeared. Another somewhat quick chat had the voice mail number reset, manually input into the device and away it went. We cannot state enough how much faster online support is than phone support in cases like this.

There is a small trick to accessing the ‘online chat’ support. First things first, you have to enter your question into the online search of the HELP section. This keeps the Red Pocket Mobile reps from having to answer the same questions over and over again. Once you’ve entered your question, a page will show if anyone has asked it before. If there’s no good answer, or no answer at all, the “online chat” button will appear on the left of this screen. Simply click it and enter your information. Within a few minutes, a representative will pop-on and help you out with your issue.

Refilling your Red Pocket Mobile plan couldn’t be easier. Simply visit Red Pocket Mobile’s website, click the refill link, enter you phone number and choose your plan. It’s that simple. If you are one that doesn’t like to deal with all the remembering and going online to pay thing, you can also pay with your handset or even just sign up for auto-refills. Any way you go, Red Pocket Mobile makes keeping your plan active very simple.

Overall, the total two year cost of Red Pocket Mobile depends entirely on which network and which plan you use. For the average user though, you can pick up one of those amazing Blu Vivo Air phones with two years of the unlimited GSMT 1GB LTE plans for under $1150. This doesn’t quite beat the deals you’d get from the Sprint MVNO FreedomPop, but you also are running full LTE speeds and unlimited talk and text on this plan. You even have international calling and texting included. Plus, for a limited time, you can grab the GSMT starter kit for just $1.00 at the Red Pocket Mobile website.

To grab this deal or any of the other amazing Red Pocket Mobile services, scoot on over to and check out the options you have to start saving cash.

Links: www.4gfastdata.comRed Pocket MobileBlu ProductsFreedomPop

Grab A Free HTC One M8 At Sprint


Are you that one person that just won’t pay for a new device, no matter what the “deal” is on the latest and greatest thing? If so, Sprint has a deal for you. The gorgeous HTC One M8 is available in a pristine gold finish for free with a new 2 year agreement.

Spec wise, the M8 is no slacker. The M8 is powered by 2GB of RAM and has 32GB of storage on board. The internal storage is expandable via MicroSD card. The HD display, delivers crystal clear images and amazing battery performance. Overall, the M8 will keep going well past that 2 year contract end date.

One of the mixed review points of the M8 has been the camera. While it isn’t a 20MP monster, the Duo Cam has some amazing features built in to it. Not only does it have the UltraPixel, which captures 3 times the light of a standard pixel, but it also features a secondary lens that will record additional data to apply some downright amazing effects. Once you understand how to use the M8 Duo Cam and the Eye experience, you’ll have a hard time giving it up.

Sprint has a definite winner in the M8 at this price. Who is going to argue with picking up the Smartphone of the Year for 2014 for nothing? You can grab your free gold HTC One M8 now at Sprint.

Link: Sprint

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LG G2 Goes Free At Sprint For New Subscribers


When renewal time comes around, it can be tough to stay with your current carrier when the ‘deals’ on those new phones are better elsewhere. Currently, Sprint is offering up the LG G2 on such a deal for those migrating to the Now Network. The LG G2 is currently free on a new 2 year agreement for new subscribers, which is a tough price to beat on such a powerful handset.

The LG G2 runs Android 4.4 out of the box, but should see that Lollipop update before much longer. With HD Voice and LTE compatibility, the LG G2 should easily keep up with network changes and be relatively future proof. The 5.2” HD display delivers crystal clear images and videos, while not chewing through the battery like some of the newer 4k displays. The LG G2 is equipped with a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM to keep you multitasking smoothly. The 32GB of internal storage is plenty for most users, even with only 25GB being made available for the end user.

The LG G2 also features a 3000mAh lithium ion battery that should power most users through a full day without issue. The on-board 13MP rear facing camera delivers amazing images and is protected by a sapphire crystal lens cover. It also features optical image stabilization for those with less than steady hands. The 2.1MP front shooter makes taking those selfies pretty nice as well.

When you combine this free deal with an $85 a month unlimited plan, you can walk away with a 2 year contract price of $2450, after taxes and fees are added to your bill each month. If you choose the lesser data options that are available you can actually walk away from this deal for as little as $1700for the two years.

If you are in the the market for a new plan and want a free LG G2, then head on over to Sprint and grab this deal before it ends.

Link: Sprint

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AT&T Wireless $100 Bill Credit Expires March 30th


For those that haven’t noticed, AT&T is making a big push to move some refurbished devices this month. With the new big boys due out, popular phones like the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S series are building up in the store rooms, especially in the refurbished, or Certified Pre-Owned, variants. To help clear this issue, AT&T is offering a $100 bill credit when you purchase said CPO devices on the AT&T Next program.

While this isn’t a move we recommend, if you have a beat up oldie that needs to be replaced for a minimal amount out of pocket, this isn’t the worst you could do. For example, the iPhone 6 will set you back $550 on the Next program, (or about $100 off of full retail) which works out to a payment of $18.42 a month added to your cell bill. You really don’t see the added benefits of the Next program unless you upgrade quickly, which requires upgrading to the Next 12 plan, which brings the cost up to $27.63 a month for the 16GB model or $36.13 for the 128GB model.

The two year cost on this deal, even with the $100 bill credit still comes out to a whopping $1800 for the 16GB on the 30 month Next program or just over $2400 for the 128GB iPhone 6 on the Next 12 program. While comparing this to their GoPhone offering and purchasing a brand new unlocked iPhone 6 16GB and going on the 1.5GB plan, your 2 year cost comes in under $1800 and you are not tied to a contractual agreement with your device. You also have the ability to take that device to any GSM MVNO that you wish during that time that could increase your savings.

The $100 bill credit offer is a great deal for anyone looking to grab a decent price on a refurbished device. Just remember, some refurbished devices may have been returned with months of use and not had parts replaced that didn’t have issues. Key components may have months of wear, like the battery, digitizer and camera. Even with the stringent tests that the CPO devices go through, there’s still a decent chance that $100-200 savings will end up costing you about the same in repair bills down the road. Of course, if you get lucky, you might just end up with a great deal on a great handset.


Sprint Prepaid Service Continues To Grow Despite Postpaid Offers


Sometimes the best deal isn’t the advertised price on TV. Sometimes that best deal can be found in the small print of the web page that you just don’t read very carefully. Sometimes, that best deal, is a really big deal. This is the case with Sprint’s Prepaid offerings and their currently, not really advertised, $100 port in credit offer. Yes, you heard that correctly, through 3/31/15, Sprint will pony up a $100 credit when you purchase an HTC Desire 510 and your first month of service. This deal applies to anyone not already on a Sprint plan or an affiliated MVNO.


The deal doesn’t stop there though, besides being able to snagging a free HTC Desire 510 with this deal, you also get your choice of lower cost plans like the $35 starter plan with unlimited talk and text and a full GB of LTE data. Adding $10 to that monthly bill brings you up to 3GB of LTE data and adding $20 takes you up to 6GB of data. None of the Sprint Prepaid offerings are unlimited, but for a simple $10 a GB you can recharge your data mid cycle when needed. If you really need that unlimited data, even at 3G speeds, you might be better off heading over to Boost Mobile or even FreedomPop and their lower cost ‘unlimited’ options.

The Sprint Prepaid $100 port in credit only runs through the end of this month. If you have been itching to get on the Sprint network with a minimal outlay, this is a great way to get started. With a minimal out of pocket expense and a device that can be whitelisted to work with any Sprint MVNO, it’s a hard deal to pass up.

Source Link: Sprint

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There’s A New Player In The Musical MVNO Game: Rok Mobile


There’s a new game in town for mobile MVNO dealers, and they are looking to turn up the volume on their competition with some great new offers. First off, you have to understand that RokMobile isn’t just another cellular carrier, but it’s also your streaming music provider as well. In fact, they will even let you download the App to access their streaming music service and take it for a 14 day test drive before you have to switch to them to continue using it. It’s a rather brilliant play at getting people hooked on a service, just to get them hooked on another.


Your flat monthly rate includes unlimited talk and text plus 5GB of LTE data (unlimited 3G data speeds follow that allotment) on either the T-Mobile or Sprint networks. This plan can be had on either carrier for $49.99 a month or $39.99 a month when you purchase a 6 month package. So the cost of a two year deal with Rok Mobile can be as low as $959.76 for the service. Of course, if you choose not to snag that 6 month package pricing, the two year cost increases to $1199.76. Still a very strong performer in the 5GB LTE data space.


The plan just gets to the simple nuts and bolts of what the service includes. Virtually anything you can think of wanting in the service is included, including international calling and texting. Premium SMS and short codes are also available through Rok Mobile. Once you have the basics covered on the phone front, the music section takes over. Rok Music features 20+ million tracks that you can stream on demand. You can specify artists you want to hear and block those that don’t do it for you. You can scan for new releases and download old favorites for offline use. Frankly, the Rok Music service reminds me of the old Rhapsody service that was paired with Verizon Wireless back in the day, just without any additional charges or fees being added to the bill.



To make the offer a bit more enticing to users, you can visit Rok Mobile’s website and take them for a 7 day spin for absolutely FREE. You just supply and email address and a location for where they can ship your SIM card and you are rolling. If you have a capable Sprint device, you can even activate it on the spot. We will post a further review of the service after our trial SIM arrives, but for now, Rok Mobile is something that music lovers should definitely consider taking for a spin.



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