Verizon’s Black Friday Sale That Is Too Good To Be True!


So, you are wanting to crawl back to the evil empire known as Big Red to some, or Verizon to others, but you just can’t do it quite yet. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, as one that champions the non-contract plans of just about everyone out there, it’s painful for me to write this post. To make it even worse, I will plan on joining you shortly, or at least as soon as my store opens on that dreadful Black Friday morning.

Verizon is turning up the heat on the competition this weekend with a sale so huge, it would be crazy for someone that was considering moving to Verizon not to do it right now. Starting Thursday online or Friday in-store, Verizon’s Black Friday deals include a few accessories that are perfect for under the tree, but more so, one offer in particular that makes them the choice for your holiday wireless carrier needs. In-store, on Friday, Verizon is offering an instant $200 discount on all Android devices over $400 when you port your number to them. When you combine this with the $300 credit for turning in your current smartphone, you receive a whopping $500 discount on the latest and greatest devices when you purchase it using the device payment program.

This deal brings the Galaxy S6 down to just $3.16 a month on top of your normal bill, which Verizon is kind enough to offer for as low as $50 a month, plus taxes and fees. Once it’s all said and done, it works out to a lowly $63.66 a month for a full GB of data, unlimited talk and text and that new Galaxy S6. Of course, if you choose to pay off the $76 for the phone right after you purchase it, you can take your new phone to any MVNO you feel like. All Verizon handsets are shipping unlocked as part of their 700MHz spectrum auction bid back in the day.

All in all, spending $75-250 for a premium smartphone is anything but a bad deal. Plus you get the confidence of trying out Verizon again to see what you are missing out on. Existing users are not eligible for this promotion, but if you raised a big enough stink in store, you just might get to pull it off.


MLM MVNO Solavei To Shut Down December 4th


Back in September of 2012, we were enthralled by the young upstart MVNO out of the Seattle area called Solavei. Solavei was the first MVNO that leveraged the social media power of their members to spread the word about the mobile service. It seemed like a match made in heaven for the average consumer. $49 bought you an unlimited HSPA+ data plan on T-Mobile’s network and you could actually earn money on it by getting your friends on board as well. A number of early founders made a ton of money with the program, while most others floundered, but were still saving over the costs of their old plan.

Fast forward through a few payment system changes, a bankruptcy and some very questionable business practices, and we have the announcement the Solavei will be shuttering their operations on December 4th, 2015. To make the transition a bit easier, Solavei is offering their members a special switch over to T-Mobile’s prepaid network. Of course, if you are used to the Solavei coverage map, there are even better options through carriers like GIV Mobile and PTel Mobile that will save even more cash for users that need to find a new home.

With the specials that both GIV Mobile and PTel Mobile are running this week, users can get a free second month of service when they port their numbers or even get a free phone if needed. Keep in mind that both GIV Mobile and PTel Mobile run on the same T-Mobile network that Solavei did, so existing handsets will work just fine. In fact, many of the settings may be the same, so APN programming may not even be needed for some devices.


The downfall of Solavei was apparent to us back in 2013 when the first batch of price increases and payment changes hit users in their pocketbooks. Unfortunately, these users continued to fund world wide trips for the Solavei executives, as well as a nice new Mercedes for their Presidential Director, who just happens to be the sister of Solavei founder and CEO Ryan Wuerch. This isn’t the first time that Wuerch has had issues with a company that he headed. He was also s founder of Motricity, an mobile content provider that imploded in 2012 when AT&T pulled a major contract from them. Wuerch was later accused by investors of insider trading and fraud, though those claims were never proven to be true and Wuerch was never charged with any wrong doing. Wuerch walked away from Motricity after selling hundreds of thousands of shares of Motricity stock in the $20 per share range. The stock is currently trading at $1.92 per share, or about 10% of the value that it was when Wuerch luquidated his shares.

As for the discontinuation of service, Solavei cited that they were not able to work out an agreement with their network to continue to offer its members a viable option for providing their service and that they would have until December 4th to complete a port to another carrier. If members do not successfully port their numbers before this date, their accounts will be closed and their numbers will be placed in a dormant status where porting them will not be possible.

It’s always sad to see another MVNO fall to the wayside, but the Solavei business model was not something that was sustainable with the amount of cash and other compensation that was being doled out to the executives. If you were lucky enough to get in early and cash out, congratulations on a good run. If you were one of the users that just enjoyed a pretty good deal for a few years, it’s time to find a new carrier. Either way, it’s c’est la vie time for Solavei.


Asus Updates Zenfone Line Up With Laser


When a great phone comes along, normally everyone knows about it. Unfortunately, most people only ever hear about phones from the big three, Apple, Samsung and LG. There is a larger segment of manufacturers that have started crafting devices that should start making those guys shutter in fear. Asus is one of these manufacturers. With a vast history in mobile devices and personal computers, Asus has the longevity and knowledge to know what makes a great device and what doesn’t. The Zenfone line has moved Asus solidly from the PC market into one of the strongest mobile device manufacturers in business today. The second generation has shown just how far one small year can make in the design chain. We bid you welcome to the Zenfone 2 Laser, the next rendition of one of the most well built phones on the planet.

Spec wise, the Zenfone 2 Laser leaves nothing behind. The 5.5” IPS HD display rivals the best HD displays on the planet today. The 3GB of RAM matches up with most flagship devices costing $100’s more. The 13MP laser focus camera shoots as fast as anything else around and delivers quality images in less than optimal conditions. Of course, something the latest flagship devices fail to include is a user replaceable battery, that is something that Zenfone 2 Laser users will love when they shoot enough images to fill the MicroSD card that is inserted in their Zenfone 2 Laser. Finally, you have this gorgeous device wrapped up in a package that will only cost you a fraction of the latest flagship device.


The Zenfone 2 Laser has a Snapdragon 615 processor powering the 3GB of RAM. This combination offers more than enough power for even the toughest multitasking users around. The 32GB of internal storage will allow plenty of Apps and Games to be installed while still leaving users enough room to enjoy media without having to insert an SD card. Of course, if you want to really turn the Zenfone 2 Laser into a media powerhouse, grab yourself a nice large MicroSD card to use in it for hours of videos and music.

The camera is where the Zenfone 2 Laser begins to really shine when compared to devices in its own price range. The Zenfone 2 Laser features the PixelMaster 2.0 camera that offers stunning image quality even in low light conditions. The 13MP Toshiba sensor captures great color and definition. Overall, the Zenfone 2 Laser rivals the cameras of devices costing much more money, and outperforms many others.

The Zenfone 2 Laser is available for just $249 and ships free from Amazon for Prime members. If you are looking for a budget smartphone that really delivers more of a flagship performance, you owe it to yourself to take the Zenfone 2 Laser for a spin. Swing by and check out all the details below.

Link: Zenfone 2 Laser

PTel Mobile Joins The BOGO Phone Club


T-Mobile MVNO, PTel Mobile, is getting into the holiday spirit this season by passing out a second phone when you purchase one phone with 2 service plans. Grabbing this deal will net you 2 of the Alcatel Pop D3 phones and two months of service on the PTel plan of your choice. The Alcatel Pop D3 features a 4” display, a 5MP rear camera, front facing .3MP camera and 4GB of internal storage. It also supports MicroSD cards for storing media on. It’s also worth noting that the D3 features an FM Tuner for listening to Apps like NextRadio, which can save data and battery life.

The PTel Mobile deal is on now and you can take advantage of it by adding 2 D3’s to your cart with 2 unlimited monthly plans. Just use coupon code PBOGO2015 at checkout.

Source: PTel Mobile

UPDATED: Sprint To Try Their Own Uncarrier Move Tomorrow


With struggling subscribership numbers and even worse profitability numbers, Sprint has become desperate to turn their fortunes around. Sprint has been down this road before, but before they become the best MVNO hosting company in the US, rather than one of the top wireless network providers, they have to stop the bleeding of money from their coffers. We’ve seen this road a few times before, mainly from T-Mobile, before the Uncarrier movement began. Rumors of buyouts, sell-offs and spectrum sales are always there for the the odd-man out wireless carrier, but with the amount of cash that SoftBank has already invested in Sprint, it doesn’t seem likely that any of these will happen anytime soon.

What does seem likely, is some holiday deal that will make you think twice about coming to a network with a few more holes than the others. While we struggle to come up with anything that could be more compelling than their current ‘steal their customer’ offers, we are waiting to see what Sprint has come up with to lure you and me back to them. It’s not like they aren’t trying, but when you combine the current deals, it’s hard to see what else they could possibly due to win someone over.  Currently, new Sprint users can get up to $350 per line in credits for paying off contracts or phones, their bill cut in half, zero down financing on almost every device and a free year of Amazon Prime to boot. All things said, your $300 Verizon deal that you have now would end up costing you $210 a month with 4 new iPhones and they will give you $1400 to pay off your old devices. Of course, if you are a bit more frugal, you can get the 4 line/40GB plan for just $120 a month and come out under $200 for that monthly payment with those iPhones.

The question is, what’s next and how will people react to it? Can the deal get any better? Will it be some amazing unlimited plan offer, or maybe a single line deal that actually is better than their prepaid deals? Tomorrow will tell us for sure, but until then, let the speculation begin!

Source: Sprint

UPDATE: At 8:00 PST this morning, Sprint took the wraps off their latest and greatest deal. Basically, the announcement entailed the launch of their new LTE coverage and extending the half price bill offer to T-Mobile customers. Unfortunately, this still leaves everyone feeling a bit flat as the offer still requires users to turn in their existing devices for credits and you still need to lease, make monthly payments or purchase a device outright to take advantage of the deal.

The online listing is so confusing on the device payment system that qualifies for the deal that it almost looks like you need to lease or make monthly payments on the device, but we have to believe that full retail purchases would work for the plan as well. For now, this positions Sprint in a better area price wise, but we are failing to see much improvement in the signal strength or data speeds of their network.

HTC Wants To Give You A Phone For Christmas


Were you considering picking up a new HTC One M9 this holiday season? HTC is certainly turning up the heat today with a free offer as part of their HTC Tuesday Deals! If you snag your HTC One M9 today from, you get a free Desire 626 to go along with it. That is a $179.99 unlocked device for FREE with purchase of the M9. You also get a $100 Google Play Store credit to boot. This deal expires tonight at midnight, so grab yours while they have them in-stock and the deal is still valid.

Source: HTC

T-Mobile Brings Video To Data Free Program


Say what you will, but T-Mobile is trying very hard to make their deals too good to pass up. They started with ditching contracts and using financing for phones. Then they changed their prepaid game. Then they brought roll-over data to the table. Then it was unlimited streaming music, without using your data cap. The latest move, is one that is truly a shocker… Unlimited video streaming without counting against your data cap. Yes, that is what they will be running out to Simple Choice plans beginning on 11/15. Users will now be able to stream all the Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, HBO Go, and quite a few others without using any cellular data.

Of course, there is a catch to the Binge On deal. While T-Mobile won’t be capping or throttling your data connection, they will be throttling the stream coming to it. What we mean by this is that T-Mobile will be streaming all services at 480p instead of the higher resolution 720p or 1080p. If you are a video streamer that loves their 4k device screen, this might matter to you, but if you are someone that watches a few episodes of Game of Thrones on the road to catch up, it probably won’t be as big of deal. T-Mobile did not return our request for information on if the App being used for Binge On was different than the standard App or if the compression was happening at the service end. If it turns out to be embedded in a special version of the Apps being use, this would mean all streaming would be done at the lower quality picture, including that done over Wi-Fi.

Binge On is slated to be available to any Simple Choice plan on November 15th. You may opt out of the service by cancelling the unlimited streaming portion, which would restore your video quality to HD or better depending on the App or service, but doing so will also begin using mobile data again when not on Wi-Fi. More information on the Binge On program is available at

Source: T-Mobile