The New FreedomPop For Business Plans Are Exactly What The World Needed


After the rapid “almost disappointment” of the FreedomPop Freemium Family Plans wore off, the good folks from FP were back in our inbox with a brand new business offering. As the link was clicked, expectations were pretty low. Fortunately, this new deal is exactly what the family plan should have been to start with. For starters, there’s no pesky “line access fee” on the business side of things. Second, the amount of data for a “business of four” is 2GB, not 1GB. Also included with the plan is unlimited talk and text. It’s about as good as a plan can get, and it’s free.


From there, users can upgrade to a 4GB plan for $34.99, a 10GB plan for $74.99 or a 25GB plan for $159.99 a month. These plans include up to 25 lines per account. While that is a steal right there, the real savings begins to kick in when the features are added in. With a business account, users will also get three major FreedomPop Add-On’s completely free. Visual Voicemail, MMS messaging and enhanced customer support are all included with the business package.

There’s no telling how long this special introductory pricing will last, so stop by the FreedomPop home page today and check out the new business offerings and finally cut your cell bill to ZERO on a plan that really makes sense. Unlimited talk and text with 2GB of shared data for free each month. Now that’s a deal that’s perfect for most users.


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Is The Galaxy S8 The Greatest Smartphone Design Ever?


The latest offering from Samsung Mobile, the Galaxy S8 and its big brother, the S8 Plus, could quite possibly be as perfect of a design as any smartphone could ever have. It’s true. After seeing the device in person, holding it, and using it for a very short period of time, the S8 is just about as perfectly designed device as it is possible to make today. With a gorgeous display, plenty of storage and RAM, a great camera (both front and back) and the inclusion of an external storage slot, the S8 family really has come about as far as anyone could expect a phone to come, within reason. With such high praise, it may be tough to stomach this next statement, but here goes… You probably don’t want or need one, even if you want one.

The facts are, smartphones have been ‘dialed in’ over the last few years. Some offerings from long time makers like Motorola provide a much better price to performance ratio than the S8 will ever offer. New comers (and we say new – like last 5 years) like Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi are blowing the doors open on the performance levels of lower priced devices as well. The issue at hand becomes how much is enough and how much money is too much? The Samsung Galaxy S8 retails for $750 at AT&T*, T-Mobile and Sprint also have the S8 at $750, but do not offer the BOGO deal that AT&T does for bundling your phone and TV service. Verizon Wireless has the phone at a lower retail of $720 but a higher monthly cost for service than both Sprint and T-Mobile. Any way you slice it, a pack of Galaxy S8’s for the family is going to set the budget back about $3000. Spread this over $120 a month, it doesn’t seem so bad, but when you can pick up the very capable Moto G5 Plus for under $230 a piece, it’s a bit tougher to swallow that premium handset price.

This is not to say that the S8 and S8 Plus aren’t worth the additional cash, because the devices are brilliant, but there should come a point in time where families, and frankly anyone, begins to look at what they are purchasing and how much it is costing them each and every month verses how much they are using it. For example, you could go buy a new Ferrari to commute to work in, but sitting in traffic, it just looks pretty and it doesn’t hold nearly the amount of groceries that a Honda Civic does. It’s practicality. It’s something that is lost when we go online and see a new phone for “just $30 a month” when you sign up for easy pay. Here’s a news flash for you – if you talk less than 1000 minutes a month and don’t use much over a GB of data, you can get your phone and service for a full year for about that cost. It’s scary to think what a family could do with an extra $2000 a year, isn’t it?

That said, it’s one of the easiest statements we’ve ever made, “The Galaxy S8 is possibly the best smartphone design we have ever seen,” but you probably want to look elsewhere for something to spend that extra $500+ a device you’d save if you went for something like the Moto G5 Plus instead.

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* – AT&T is offering a Buy One Get One Free deal if you subscribe DirecTV and purchase the devices via the AT&T Next program.

HTC Announces New U Announcement Coming In May


So far, the HTC rumormill is holding true with today’s announcement of a ‘squeezable’ U coming to the market soon. By soon, we mean sometime this spring/summer. As with any launch, this one has been already ruined by various online leaksters, which all but eliminates any excitement we have for the event. The leaked specs have the device pinned with a 5.5” display and variants that range from a 4GB/64GB memory/storage option to a 6GB/128GB option. Both models are expected to carry the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor as well. There has been no mention of any carrier variants or other details at this time, though HTC seems to be trying to do a bit more direct marketing as of late. If this keeps pace with various other HTC announcements, the release of the U should happen sometime in June, with preorders being taken immediately following the announcement.

FreedomPop Launches Free Family Plan–Sort Of…


Deceptive advertising always gets our feathers in a ruffle. While the Freemium MVNO FreedomPop has done some ‘interesting’ plays with marketing in the past, the new “free family plan” advertisements may be taking things a bit too far for our tastes. For those that aren’t aware, FreedomPop is an MVNO that began operating on the Sprint network about 5 years ago. Their premise was simple, utilize Sprint’s struggling WiMAX network to offer extremely low cost VoIP and internet service. Obviously, it has worked out for hundreds of thousands of people and even after the debacle of Sprint shuttering their WiMAX bands, FreedomPop is still very much alive and kicking. In fact, they’ve grown their offerings to rival some of the best carriers in the world. Today, FreedomPop offers service in the US, UK and Spain. Through their Global SIM program, they offer roaming free coverage in over 20 countries around the world. Their US coverage has also been stepped up with the addition of Sprint SPARK LTE and now a new GSM LTE program that is run through the AT&T network. Overall, things are looking very good for FreedomPop, including their new, incredibly low cost family plans.


This is where the “fuzzy advertising” kicks in. FreedomPop is touting their new 100% free family mobile phone plans just about everywhere right now. Their free plan includes 1GB of data and unlimited talk and text each month. The paid plans are then offered with 2GB ($14.99), 4GB ($34.99), 10GB ($74.99) or 25GB ($159.99) of shared data per month. So far so good, until you get to the fine print about the $5 a month line access fee for each device on the plan. This means that the “free” plan will actually cost a family of 4 $20 a month. This is still a remarkable deal, but it is difficult to understand why FreedomPop feels the need to state the the plan is free, when in fact, it is not.

Taking a quick look at the numbers, the FreedomPop family plan is still a complete steal, which is why we originally looked at the offer. For $20, a family of 4 can share 1GB of data and have unlimited talk and text service each month. For under $60 a month, the same family can share 4GB of data, while 10GB will still keep the family bill under $100. The savings over carriers like Verizon or T-Mobile will add up very quickly, especially when you work in the fact that a certified preowned device from FreedomPop will only cost about $30 out of pocket to get started. The total one year cost on the 4GB plan comes in at $779.84 verses $1887.60 for the same plan on Verizon. That’s a savings of over $1100 a month, or $2200 over the two years you have to stay with Verizon to get that ‘free’ phone. More loosely translated, that’s an extra house payment, a couple of car payments or even a family vacation.

The FreedomPop Family Mobile Plans are definitely worth checking out, especially if you and the kids will only need to have data access occasionally. The lower tier 1GB, 2GB and 4GB plans are serious money savers over the big boys. Hit the link below to find out more and grab this deal before it’s gone.

Free Trial Family Mobile Phone Plan + FREE Shared 4GB Trial and Line Access Fee


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Purchase A Moto Z Play And Get The JBL MotoMod Free


Motorola has been getting pretty aggressive with their markdowns and deals as of late and their current offer of tossing in the JBL SoundBoost Speaker with the purchase of a Moto Z Play device is quite a stunner as well. The $450 Moto Z Play has been highlighted quite heavily in the past, but just in case you missed it, the Moto Z Play features 32GB of internal storage, a battery that will last up to 50 hours in standby, 3GB of RAM and a stellar 16 MP rear shooting camera.

The JBL SoundBoost includes 2 28mm speakers with 6 watts of pwer. The 1000 mAh batter will also keep them pounding out the music for 10 hours. The SoundBoost also supports speaker phone calls, and charges via USB C connection. Using the SoundBoost couldn’t be easier as you snap it to the back of your Moto Z and let it pair, that’s it. The JBL SoundBoost is normally $79.99, but through this promotion, Motorola is throwing them in for free with the purchase of Moto Z Play. This offer runs through May 6th. You can snag your deal from the link below.

Get the JBL SoundBoost Speaker free with the purchase of a Moto Z Play.

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What Everyone Is Missing In Their Xfinity Mobile Announcement


Comcast/Xfinity announced their upcoming mobile service offering for the first time today. With three, (yes, three) different options for consumers, Xfinity has really done quite the job of making life interesting for just about everyone involved. First off, if you do not want to be an Xfinity Internet Subscriber, stop reading, because that’s where the service beings. With the standard monthly rates ranging from $24.95 for the basic 6MB/sec plan (only available in select markets) to $149.95 for the Extreme 250 plan, you will need an Xfinity High Speed Internet connection to begin this process. If you have one one those already or want to sign up for one, keep on reading, this is about to get really good.

If you are signed up for just internet, you have three plans available. The first is an unlimited talk, text and 100MB of shared data plan for free – yes, free. You can have up to 5 lines on this free plan. You can then branch out, by the line or as a group to the pay by the GB plan, which will cost a flat $12 per GB used. Keep in mind, WiFi usage does not count against this total, so you can still use those Xfinity hotspots all over town without using cellular data. Finally, if you need that unlimited data plan, you can snag it for $65 a month per line. Not a bad deal for unlimited LTE data on the Verizon network.  Users of the Xfinity X1 Entertainment System are even luckier as they will receive a $20 a month discount on each line off the unlimited rate, bringing the cost down to just $45.

The 4 line monthly plan would cost nothing for line access fees, and $180 with the X1 system ($260 with internet only.) With Double Pay service starting at $99.99 for 140 channels and 200Mbps internet service, it would be rather crazy not to sign up for that instead of the $59.95 Performance 25 plan and the $260 phone plan. Still, at a sub $300 price point for a monster TV package, home internet and unlimited cellular data as well, even the MVNO’s are a bit scared of this deal. For example, the best double play deal we have found for home internet and TV pinned the service at $55 a month after taxes, and a 6GB Verizon Plan ends up running about $120 a month after taxes. That pins TV, Internet and Cellular (6GB) at $175 a month. The unlimited Xfinity option to this would be $110 for the X1 package plus $90 for two lines of unlimited phone service, or about $25 more. Keep in mind, that upgrades your cellular data from 6 Shared GB to Unlimited on both lines for just $25 more.

The biggest part that the tech world has ignored today is the fact that you are allowed up to 5 lines on this account without having to pay an access fee. That means you get 5 lines of unlimited talk and text with 100MB of shared data for free each month with your service. For example, Mom and Dad might use the $12 per GB plan on their lines where as lines without data for the kids or for Grandpa and Grandma can be free with the service. In a setup like this, a full monthly bill for 5 lines, using 2GB of data would be well under $100, including the cable internet portion of the billing.

Now, to wait for the details on if the calls are routed over the wireless network or if they will be a VoIP setup like FreedomPop or some sort of hybrid calling similar to Republic Wireless. It should be interesting to see what the service actually includes and how users can start using it right away. Currently, only the Apple iPhone SE, 6s, 6s+, 7 and 7+ are listed as compatible on their website, but other locations make reference to newer Samsung and LG devices as well. If this passes down to the Moto G5 Plus, we see a real opportunity to save some serious cash going forward if you are already an Xfinity subscriber.

More details on this plan will be made available as soon as they announce the final offering.

US Cellular Joins The Galaxy S8 Offer Club


US Cellular began tossing their hat into the ring of Samsung Galaxy S8 offers today with their incredibly low $674.99 outright offer. To make the deal even better, if you are willing to trade in a device, you can actually score a completely free S8 via their 30 months of bill credits. If you happen to live in the Midwest where US Cellular has a foothold, this could be the best deal around on that brand new Galaxy S8 you’ve been watching. If not, we’re still pretty big fans of the Verizon Trade-In offer ($360 when trading in most 2015 flagship devices or newer and signing up for the Verizon Unlimited plan.)

With a 2GB plan for $50, 6GB for $60 or unlimited plan for $70, US Cellular has something for almost everyone. Family plans can become an even better deal with their unlimited plan costing only $40 per line when you have 4 lines. For an even better deal, the 6GB and unlimited offerings both include unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada. It’s hard to believe that a $1200 total cost can net you a 2GB/unlimited talk and text plan, plus a new Galaxy S8 for two whole years. You can bet this deal will go quickly, so make sure you check out the offer if you live in a US Cellular market.

Switch to U.S. Cellular and get a Samsung Galaxy S8 FREE! Via trailing credits. 30-mo. RIC, DP+ & qualifying turn-in required. While supplies last.

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