Republic Wireless Says Goodbye To The 2013 Moto X

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If you were with Republic Wireless from day one, you probably remember the launch of the Moto X a bit more so than the rest of the world. The 2013 edition of the Moto X took your wireless plan and your Motorola Defy to all new levels in one fell swoop. What started out as an underpowered, lackluster 3G Sprint experience quickly turned into one of the best values in Wireless. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and for Republic Wireless users, or want-to-be users, their time to grab this amazing handset at a low price is disappearing quickly.

After turning the industry on it’s ear with $19 unlimited cell phone pricing, Republic Wireless quickly started filling gaps in their hardware department as well as their service plans. With Wi-Fi voice plans starting at $5, there isn’t a better option out there for saving over the long term than Republic Wireless. The $40 unlimited LTE plan is still one of the top values in the industry as well.

Republic Wireless has a limited amount of the original Moto X devices at a pretty great deal, sans contracts and payment programs. Grab one for yourself before they are gone and start enjoying the Republic Wireless savings.

Source: Republic Wireless

AT&T Boosts GoPhone Data To 1.5GB And 4GB

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ATT Snow

Are you loving the savings that prepaid service is giving you on AT&T’s GoPhone plans? Well, your day is about to get a bit better. Beginning with renewals on February 20th, AT&T is increasing your data limits. If you are currently subscribed to the $45 – 1GB plan, your data allotment will rise to 1.5GB. If you are on the $60 – 2.5GB plan, you will be getting 4GB next month.

One advantage to using the GoPhone plans over MVNO’s like Straight Talk, Red Pocket Mobile or Net10 is that you are given network priority and a faster throttle speed. GoPhone plans are going to remain unlimited just like the other MVNO’s, but with speeds only dropping to 128kbps after you hit your LTE limit. Most MVNO’s drop to 64kbps after your limit is reached.

There is no increase in plan costs at this time, simply more data on their network. There’s nothing like getting more for the same price you’re paying now, except for maybe getting it for a bit less, but let’s just be happy with the more for now.



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Get 100GB Of Free OneDrive Storage For 2 Years

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It’s not like Bing Rewards wasn’t cool enough already, but it just got a bit more awesome, for FREE. That’s right, free is one of my favorite terms, and Bing Rewards delivers quite a bit for me already. First off, I rack up my daily search points and get my Hulu+ membership paid for through them. Today though, today brought sometime special from the folks over at OneDrive and Bing Rewards. Right now you can hit the Bing Rewards and sign up.

Then click this special link (which you can view in the daily tasks if you don’t believe me) and claim your 100GB of FREE OneDrive storage for the next two years. Now, this isn’t limited to Windows Phone users, so you Android and iOS people can jump in on this too. Heck, even if you just want the cloud storage for your PC, it’s a steal.

So, stop reading, and hit the Bing Rewards page and sign up. Then hit the OneDrive offer and enjoy the free space for all those photos, videos and music you have on your drives. You can thank me later!

Sign Up For Bing Rewards Here: Bing Rewards
Free 100GB Storage Space Link: OneDrive offer

Have We Entered The Age Of The Wi-Fi Carrier?

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Recently we’ve been hit by so many different “Wi-Fi Driven” carriers that it’s almost becoming old news. The scary part about the whole thing is that very few people know anything about Wi-Fi enabled carriers, now how much money they could save by switching to one. FreedomPop, FreeWheel, Republic Wireless and even just using Google Voice with Hangouts can, in theory replace your current wireless plan and lower your bill to an non-existent level. The scarier part, you might not even notice once you adjust your usage habits.

We recently ran the first part of our “Living On The Edge” series about lowering costs by dropping your data speeds back to iPhone levels, or dial-up speeds. By making that small sacrifice, you can chop $100’s off your bill each month. Taking things a step further, companies like FreedomPop will leverage your home and office Wi-Fi connections (and anywhere else you can hook up to) and give you free service.

Lesser deals, like the FreeWheel wireless service for Optimum subscribers (Cablevision), can still be a value if you are hooked up to the right providers, but aren’t quite as strong as the offerings from FreedomPop and Republic. Even with the “Wi-Fi is everywhere” thought pattern, there still may be a time when you need to roll to a cellular network for communications. That’s why offerings like FreedomPop and Republic are still the best options.

Both FreedomPop and Republic feel that you already pay for Wi-Fi service, so why should you have to pay more to use that network for voice and data at home? By cutting the cordless cord and sticking to Wi-Fi, FreedomPop and Republic offer you full coverage for less than a cup of coffee and a bagel. FreedomPop actually goes a step further and offers completely free coverage for the light user and an unlimited talk and text plan for under $7 a month when you buy a year of service for $79.99.

There are certainly many things pointing to a Wi-Fi based communications network and when you live in a big city like New York or Chicago now that are rolling out public Wi-Fi hot spots in parks and other public areas, a case can be made to switching to a Wi-Fi only solution and cutting your bill to nothing. Until those spaces are fully rolled out though, it’s up to those cell towers to give us a bit more coverage in those out of the way places. That said, models like FreedomPop and Republic Wireless are probably the way that most people will be buying their cell devices in the next few years. Lower cost per month for slightly less usage will definitely help the budget conscience people justify making the switch.

By the numbers:

Republic Wireless – $99 Moto E – $10 unlimited calling & text = $349 24/mo

FreedomPop – $139 Samsung Galaxy S3 – $79.99 unlimited calling & text = $298.98 24/mo

T-Mobile – $129 Base Android – $40 unlimited calling & text – $1089 24/mo

Ptel Mobile – $99 Blu Advance 4.0 – $25 unlimited calling, text & 2G = $699 24/mo

Step Up To FREE Service From FreedomPop

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If there is one thing that is better than low cost cellular service, it would have to be FREE cellular service. In a day and age where one pays for extremely expensive home Wi-Fi service and then has to pay another large sum of money every month to another company to use their data, even when they don’t use it, getting more for less just makes sense. Fortunately for you, you found this post online and are about to find out the secret, although with a bit of looking around, you’d find it elsewhere, to getting FREE cellular service. That secret is FreedomPop!

FreedomPop is a one of a kind service that works with your existing Wi-Fi connection to route your phone calls and text messages over the internet instead of over cellular towers. Coverage maps, dead zones and overage charges are a thing of the past with FreedomPop. From phones to tablets to mobile hotspots, FreedomPop has the perfect solution for you and the best part, they can be completely free every month.


How does FreedomPop do this? The answer is in the amazing software that is loaded on to your devices. Your cellular data is just a stream of information that is beamed across the sky from your device to a tower. It can be voice calls, text messages or even a web page. It is all transferred the same way. What FreedomPop does to make the service free of charge is to use your Wi-Fi connection to offload the majority of your phone calls and text messages. The rest are sent over a high speed LTE data network when you aren’t near Wi-Fi.

You might ask if this technology works well, and you would be very smart to ask that question before trusting a new technology to handle your communications needs. The answer of course, is yes. Even the most advanced carriers in the world are starting to work on Voice Over LTE or VoLTE calling. In the US, Verizon Wireless and AT&T have begun testing this already and T-Mobile and Sprint are hot on their tails. Voice calls over a data network just makes sense now that the software has caught up to the networks.

FreedomPop basically has been doing the same VoIP calling that VoLTE has begun using for a few years now. Not only do they have the system working, but their compression technology and call quality is second to none. Of course, the call quality is only the first step to having a great cellular experience. The next step is being able to get the device you want on the network you need. FreedomPop has you covered there as well with entry level devices starting at $99 and moving all the way up to $399 for an iPhone 5. All of FreedomPop’s great devices will run well on their network and you can even check to see if your current device is compatible with the free service as well.


The Plans: Starting off, you can choose the tier that fits you best. If you are a light user, the 200 minute, 500 text and 500MB’s of data plan will probably hold you over quite nicely. This plan is 100% free. Simply purchase a device like the ZTE Force from FreedomPop for $99.99 and you are all set. If you need more talk time, you can snag the unlimited talk, text and 500MB’s of data plan for $10.99 a month or $79.99 for the year. That works out to just $6.67 a month for your cellular needs. For those that need a bit more data than the 500MB that is included in that plan, you can grab the unlimited everything plan for just $19.99 a month. This includes unlimited talk, text and data, though the LTE speeds go away after the first GB of usage. Additional data can be purchased at 2.5 cents per MB if you ever need it.


The Phones: Whether you are a light user that just needs a basic device like the FreedomPop ZTE Force, or a power user that needs the FreedomPop Samsung Galaxy S4, there is a perfect fit for you. The ZTE Force starts at just $99.99 and includes a month of FreedomPop Unlimited Talk & Text service. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is just $199 and its big brother, the Galaxy S4 is $329. If the Apple iPhone is more your cup of tea, FreedomPop has the 16GB, iPhone 5 for just $399. All FreedomPop devices carry a 30 day money back guarantee, so feel safe in trying out one of these amazing devices and seeing how well the service works for you.


The Service: Probably the hardest part to explain, but putting it in simple terms, Wi-Fi data is created by a wireless router accessing a wired connection to the internet. This is much the same way that a cellular tower connects to a station that is hooked to phone lines that carry your cellular calls and data. The big difference is that your Wi-Fi connection has a range of a few hundred feet, and that big cellular tower can reach for a few miles. The internet already uses the same cable or fiber wires that the cellular towers use to communicate, so routing calls over a wireless router is really about the same as routing calls through a cellular tower.


In fact, most carriers offer a router or femtocell as a way to keep customers connected when they are in locations where coverage is an issue. Often times, basements, warehouses and other dense buildings are not able to be penetrated by a cellular tower and other means of getting a signal into the building are needed. A femtocell like the one in the image above is the way this is done.

FreedomPop doesn’t suffer from this issue due to the fact that all the voice, text and data calls are routed over an existing wireless network. There are no coverage issues in this building or that building as long as there is wireless internet around. At hotels, coffee shops, restaurants and even shopping malls, your phone is powered by free Wi-Fi connections and is not subject to dead zones and holes in the coverage map.

Calls themselves are very clear and feature no more delay than a standard cellular call. In the past, Wi-Fi calling has always suffered from a lag between voices, and this can still be seen using popular communication forms, like Skype or Google Hangouts today. The delay which can cause ‘overtalking’ or a distinct echo degrades the quality of those lower cost services and makes them unusable in many circumstances. For example, if you are trying to use the service for a business, the horrible distortion you face using these other services may cost you a sale. Using FreedomPop’s quality network and wireless protocols will virtually eliminate these issues and deliver consistent, clear conversations with every call.


Savings: Sometimes saving more is better than trying to earn more. Many of you find your way to this site because of the Solavei connection. It’s hard to say it, but unless you were into Solavei before it was Solavei, you probably didn’t make a whole ton of cash. If you did, congratulations, but if you didn’t, how much more than $10 a month have you spent on your plan over the last 2 years? The original plans were $49 plus about 20% in taxes, making $60 a very real number for many people. That means you spent $50 a month over what you would be spending on FreedomPop, every month!

In fact, for less than 2 month’s cost of using Solavei, you could purchase a YEAR of service from FreedomPop. That’s right, just $79.99 buys you a year of unlimited talk, text and 500MB of LTE data every month. When you pair this with the Wi-Fi data you already spend a ton of cash on, it’s virtually unlimited everything for under $7 a month. FreedomPop is just that good of deal. That $50+ a month savings is on top of the faster data speeds and more reliable network that your local Wi-Fi connection will give you. Overall, it’s a win, win, win for you.


Business Users: If there is something that should interest business users, it’s the fact that you can cut $1000’s off your bottom line every year by outfitting your employees with FreedomPop phones, mobile hotspots and tablets. For a fraction of what you spend on mobile solutions for your company, FreedomPop Business can show you a better way of managing your communication needs. With the ability to connect your people faster at a lower cost, FreedomPop has the tools to make your company more efficient and keep expenses to a minimum.


The bottom line to FreedomPop service is it works and it is one of the lowest cost solutions available on the market today. FreedomPop offers everything you will need to become more productive and lower your bills. If you are tired of working harder only to have your services cost you more, then make the jump to FreedomPop today. For under $7 a month, FreedomPop will connect you to your family and friends with unlimited talk and text. Remember, you won’t sacrifice coverage since you are using that Wi-Fi connection you already pay so much for anyway!

Remember, the average person is away from their home or office just 4-5 hours a day. Why are you paying $100-200 a month for cellular data when you only use it a few hours a month? There is a better way, and that way is FreedomPop.

Links: FreedomPop

Opinion: Living On The Edge – Life On A 2G Network–Part One

February 5, 2015 Leave a comment


As we all continue to watch our cellular costs go up and the service levels drop, many of us dream back to a time when the mobile internet was a bit more data friendly and completely unlimited. We start to look at how often we use that expensive Wi-Fi connection we shell out for at home, and that guest connection at work. We make sure the hotels that are booked on vacation have Wi-Fi available as well, just so we aren’t cut off from our precious network of friends and family. Then it settles in, why do we pay for a high speed internet connection to our phones when we usually find Wi-Fi where ever we go? To those people that have figured out that LTE, 4G and high speed internet are all great marketing terms, congratulations, to the rest, welcome to the edge…

To most people, the edge mean nothing. The edge is another 2 seconds for that Instagram image to upload or 5 more seconds for that Facebook feed to refresh. It might even be 10-15 seconds for that internet search to load. Loosely translated, the edge is slower. To the power user, the torrent freaks and that business guy that sends monstrously large attachments everyday, the edge is a hell of snail paced downloads, horrible data failures and downright misery. To that end, it takes some getting used to the edge, but once you figure out how to live there, you will reap the benefits of it in the best way possible – your pocketbook will become much more full every month.


For example, the average LTE prepaid plan comes with about 1GB of “high speed” data and either slowed or no data after that. For $40-60 a month, you can watch background tasks, system updates and crazy auto-play videos decimate that data allotment in days. We took our Android powered HTC One M7 out for a month on a 500MB “unlimited” plan and found that the “google services” App used 270MB of data in just one week. For the life of us, we couldn’t find anything running in the background, nor did we find anything to disable to ‘kill’ that task. Within 2 weeks, the 500MB was gone and we didn’t stream music or video, nor did we send any big emails, we just used our phone in a normal fashion.

Then, we noticed that something strange happened. We were slowed to speeds in the 120kbps range, or speeds that were about 100 times slower than the LTE that we had the week before. It took a few extra seconds to send a picture message and to load that Facebook feed, but there was no really ‘big’ difference. In fact, the largest difference we noticed was when we flopped that HTC One over to 2G mode and saw our battery life practically double. We had better coverage, stronger signals and more consistent quality than we experienced on our ‘high speed’ plan. It was strange.


The following month we rolled the plan down to the unlimited 2G offering just to check it out. Our bill dropped from $40 a month to $25. This is now down from the $60 a month for the “unlimited” 2.5GB plans that were around a few months back, so keep that in mind when you think of the savings. With a flat $25 bill, there’s no need to worry about ‘turning off’ any features. Living on the edge, which is what we called that ancient 2G network back in the day, we knocked about $35 a month off our bill, or over $400 a year. That’s enough to pay for that home Wi-Fi connection for the entire year.

How we did it was simple… We just waited to do the heavy lifting until we were back on Wi-Fi and let the phone run ‘unlimited’ while it was on the 2G network. There is no magic involved in downloading a 4MB game over a 120kbps connection, it just takes a bit more time. There was no major issue sending a picture to a friend, it just took a few extra seconds. There was nothing different about how we used our device, just at the speed that we did it with.

Face it, to some users, spending $50-100 a month on a cell phone is no big deal. They want to stream Netflix on their commute home or download that torrent file direct to their device on the train, and that’s fine. For the average user though, most companies have just talked people into service that is “better” for them on a device that they didn’t really need to have in the first place. It’s salesmanship, and cellular providers are great at it. What the average user needs to do is look at how they use their device and where do they do the things they do with it.


With expandable storage reaching 128GB and offline music and movies, there’s really not much need to stream content. With offline document readers and Apps for e-reading, that content can be ‘synced’ before leaving that wonderful Wi-Fi connection and read anywhere. There’s really very few reasons why someone would NEED to have anything faster than a 3G connection on their cellular device. Once you master using the m web address feature instead of the www, you’ll see a whole new world of cash in your pocket every year. In fact, just throwing that $20 a month at your mortgage could pay it off 2 years faster! Take it down that full $35 on two lines and you have that house paid off 5 years faster! If that’s not worth a few extra seconds of load time on your Facebook feed, what is?


Best Value Unlimited 2G Plans

PTel Mobile – unlimited talk, text and 2G data for $25

Red Pocket Mobile – 300 minutes talk, unlimited text and 2G data for $20

Republic Wireless – unlimited talk, text and 3G data for $25 (uses Wi-Fi Calling)

FreedomPop – unlimited talk text and 1GB data for $10.99 (uses Wi-Fi Calling)


Join us for part two of this series where we will take look at how you can get better performance through your 2G connection.

Red Pocket Mobile Tossing In $25 Gift Cards To New GSMT Subs In February

February 4, 2015 Leave a comment

02 RPM Promo

If great service at an even better price wasn’t enough to make you think about joining Red Pocket Mobile, perhaps dinner out will be the final straw in pushing you over the edge. That’s right, sign up for a new Red Pocket Mobile GSMT plan during the month of February and they will kick you a $25 gift card. No strings attached. Just visit the link below and grab the deal while they are still covering your dinner check for you.

Link: Red Pocket Mobile


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