Boost Mobile Adding Data For On Time Payments

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When Boost Mobile runs a promotion, they certainly do some head spinning things. From the same brilliant company that brought you “Shrinkage” plans that dropped your payments $5 a month when you paid on time comes a new one, the growing data plan. From just $30 a month, Boost Mobile will be happy to pony up 5GB of LTE data for users that stick with them for 18 months. Of course, for that pricing. you would need to enroll in Auto Re-Boost, but if you are using Boost Mobile, you’d be doing that to save the $5 a month anyways. All things considered, this program is about customer retention, and it is just so brilliant, it should work well for the Sprint MVNO.

Boost Mobile’s new plan is rather simple. For every three months you pay on time, you get a bonus of 500MB of data. On the 2GB plan, this means you get 2.5GB on month three, 3GB after month 6, 3.5GB after month 9 and 4GB after one year. The next two cycles will take you up to a full 5GB of LTE data before your speeds get dropped to a throttled 3G connection. Boost Mobile’s offering is unmatched by anyone in the game right now, but it may not last for very long. Usually with promotions like this, companies will commit to a certain number of lines before they head back to normal plans and pricing. If you are in the market for a deal, head over to the Boost Mobile site and check out the savings.

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Who Is RingPlus And Why Should You Care?

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Much is being made of the T-Mobile shake up of the industry. Lower prices, no service contracts, and a ton of great add-on services that benefit the end user. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that RingPlus has been doing this far longer than T-Mobile, and they are still doing it today. For starters, the cost of RingPlus is far less than you’d think. If you aren’t a heavy user, your bill can be as low as, well, free. If you need more, they have you covered there as well. Their $49.99 plan includes unlimited talk, text and 6GB of data. That puts it on par with some of the best MVNO pricing out there. Of course, going back to the free plans, RingPlus has been running a series of customer base building events under the branding of ‘future plans’ that are a deal to be reckoned with. The future plan included 1000 minutes of talk, 1000 texts and 1000MB of data. Simple and easy to use, RingPlus has a serious edge up on the competition.

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The first piece of the RingPlus puzzle is the fact that they are competing with VoIP providers like FreedomPop or lower cost cellular providers like Red Pocket Mobile. The advantage they have over the VoIP companies is that their call quality is the same as you would get with a traditional cell phone. The advantage that they have over the lower cost companies is that you can probably find a free deal at some point in the near future to take advantage of, which makes lower cost more like free. Of course, there has to be a catch, right?

RingPlus has a rather brilliant idea for marketing and generating income when you use their services. At first, it was almost a deal breaker, but after using the service for a bit, it became almost normal. When placing an outgoing call, RingPlus plays a commercial or song for you instead of allowing the device to “ring” like it normally does. The caller on the other end hears nothing different, and it can last as little as a few seconds if the person you are calling answers quickly. Overall, it seems like a very small price to pay for a fully functional Sprint cellular connection.

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While the paid plans are still a great value, the real steal with RingPlus comes with their giveaway plans. If you aren’t able to get one of the Future Plan deals, the Pepper Plan is the next best thing. With 250 minutes, 500 texts and a tiny 10MB of data per month, it doesn’t seem like a great deal, but for those around Wi-Fi regularly, it might work to power your device on a monthly basis. If you find yourself needing a bit more, especially in the data department, you can simply purchase 1GB of data for $8 or 2GB for $16 a month. If you need more talk or text usage as well, those are sold in blocks also. For example, if you were on the Pepper or Free Plans, you could add 1000 extra minutes for $15, 1000 texts for $4 and a full gig of data for $8. This brings your monthly cost to $27 a month for a pretty average plan. Keep in mind, you don’t have to purchase the additional items every month if you don’t need them regularly, but they are always there if you do. Just make sure to turn them off before your next ‘billing cycle’ as they auto-renew monthly if you do not.

As great as RingPlus is, it isn’t for everyone out there. First and foremost, it runs on the Sprint network. So, if you check the Sprint coverage map and see that you have poor coverage, you might want to skip this deal. Second, while the pre-call music/ads didn’t seem to annoy everyone, some people may prefer not to have Sheryl Crow blaring in their ear while waiting for Aunt Martha to answer the phone. Finally, there are some people out there that just continue to love to pay a higher price for service. For those out there that just don’t believe that lower cost to free service actually exists, consider the gauntlet dropped. Go find yourself a nice used Sprint handset or order something inexpensive to try RingPlus on. Not only will you find the service surprisingly great, you will also see your monthly bill cut to almost nothing, or nothing at all.

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Red Pocket Mobile Rolls Out New Ebay Only Value Plans

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Attention value hunters. Red Pocket Mobile is upping the prepaid cellular value plan game once again. With a new Ebay Only offering, users can snag 1000 minutes of talk, 1000 text messages and 1000MB (500MB at LTE/4G) of data for just $199 a year. For just $16.58 a month, users will enjoy a plan that works with the AT&T, Verizon or Sprint Networks and they won’t have to worry about a bill until next year. If you are more of a text user, you can upgrade to unlimited texting for just $229 a year. In addition to the stock plan, the deal also includes various add-ons if you think you are getting close to your limits. For just $10 you can add 500 minutes, texts or MB of LTE/4G data. For $15, those amounts increase to an additional 1000 of either. This would set the cost of a plan that includes 1000 minutes, unlimited text and 2GB of data at a mere $34.08 per month. If you want to check out the new yearly option for RPM, visit their Ebay store as you won’t find this deal on their regular website.

Source: Red Pocket Mobile Ebay Store

Grab A Free LTE Hot Spot While They Last


FreedomPop is getting ready to transition from WiMAX to LTE in early November. To help get things started, they are offering up a great deal on the Sierra Wireless 803s LTE hot spot. For a limited time, users can grab the portable LTE connection for just a $39.99 activation fee. Yes, that is correct, users get the device gratis and only pay a one time activation fee to get the device headed their way. Of course, there are some things worth noting on this deal.

First, the 803s is a refurbished or certified pre owned condition model, not new. This might mean replacing a battery or some cosmetic blemishes here or there, but otherwise the devices should be functional. Next up, FreedomPop tends to be a bit ‘interesting’ in billing, so make sure to log in and downgrade your plans by hitting your account page and shutting off auto top-off and the premium plan you are signed up for on a free 30 day trial. Next up, keep in mind that because of the delayed billing, you only get 400MB of data before you are shut down on the free plan. Finally, the shipping department at FreedomPop is far from speedy, so be prepared to wait for your device. It isn’t unheard of to have a 30-45 day wait in some cases. Either way, a $100 hot spot for free isn’t a bad deal and lifetime LTE data for just a $40 activation fee is pretty sweet as well.

Overall, this is still quite the deal compared to most hot spot plans. Grabbing a few friends from the FreedomPop forums will net you another couple hundred MBs of data as well, so overall, there isn’t much negative to say about this deal. Although we can’t really recommend it for driving down the road watching movies, for the out and about blogger or someone that just needs to download emails to a laptop on the go, it is better than anything else around. Hit the link below to grab your 803s before they are gone.

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More Smash Hits For iPhone Users With The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus


As another Apple device announcement party has come and gone, users were once again met with two gorgeous device choices from Apple. Sure, it’s another case of bigger, better, faster, stronger, but honestly, when you are almost perfect from the start, what are you supposed to do with the next step. Either you make it incrementally better, like HTC did with the M7 to M8 or you go bust like HTC did with the M8 to M9. Apple, for some reason NEVER makes the latter move with their ‘s” series devices. In fact, Apple never seems to make a major misstep in anyway. For Apple users, it’s heavenly to have choices and for the competition, it’s infuriating. Let’s look quickly at what came up and how soon you can get your hands on one of these beasts.

First off, both models are back. You can stay compact with the 6s or go big with the 6s Plus. They both feature the new A9 processor, which is another huge step forward in processing power. The 6s features a gorgeous 4.7’ display while the 6s Plus comes in at 5.5”. The 12MP camera with all the bells and whistles is standard equipment on both models. They also features Apple’s new 3-D Touch technology, which will bring an entire new level of interaction to Apps once they are brought up to speed to interact with it. This feature is currently available on the Apple watch and has received rave reviews from users. Both will also run iOS 9 out of the box.

Overall, if you own or recently purchased an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, don’t feel bad about having it. You still have an amazing device in your pocket. If you were on the fence about which model to choose, congratulations, your decision just got harder as the original 6 and 6 Plus models will probably see a price dip in the next few weeks. Of course, the hardest hit price stickers will come in the 5s line. The now 2 year old device should start seeing pricing down in the $350-400 at retailers as they clear room for more new devices. If you’re on a budget that 5s could be the steal you are looking for, but we would advise saving up a bit extra and grabbing that 6 instead. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus go on sale September 20th.

Source: Apple

Opinion: It’s Too Late To Save Windows Mobile


Before the iPhone and the Galaxy S. Before 3G and LTE. Before most people carried cellular phones, it was there. It was a time when the pen that came with the device was called a stylus, not some crazy marketing term that makes everyone think it’s more than that. It was the time that Microsoft lead the way in PC and Mobile. It was the time of Windows Mobile. In the early 2000’s, Microsoft and Symbian ruled the mobile space with a dominance that can only be appreciated by today’s comparison with iOS and Android. Then that one fateful day in 2007, Apple launched a device that changed it all and Microsoft and Symbian are both all but gone today. It pains me to say this, but perhaps that’s just where it should stay though, gone.

You see, the concept of having a third OS in the ecosystem doesn’t work. It never has and never will. Look at the PC market. You have Windows and Mac. Sure you had OS2 back in the day, just like we have Linux today. The problem is that the market share is so small on that #3 OS that nobody will support it. It’s dead in the water from launch date. Nobody is going to use the ‘runner-up’ when they can have first place for free. This is the issue that Microsoft is facing today, and it is a position that they have never had to play from before.

Even though Microsoft still produces the largest PC OS in the world, they are losing ground quickly to others in the space. That is why Windows 10 was pushed to market so quickly, to stop the bleeding. The problem is, that exactly what they did with Windows Phone 7 and then Windows Phone 8. These ‘incomplete’ OS’s were sent to market knowing that there were extreme limitations and a few major issues, but Microsoft had to get ‘back in the game.’ Following the same path, Windows 10 is now out and getting patched daily for little bugs, feature issues and additional tweaking. Now, before going off the deep end of when did shipping a product that doesn’t work become acceptable to people takes a hold of this post, I’ll bring it back around to the OS again.

Microsoft has lost all their support for their mobile OS. They bought a hardware division for way too much money. They alienated their third party manufacturers by creating exclusive “Lumia Only” software. They then committed the ultimate tech sin, they abandoned their high end users. They forgot about flagship phones, great cameras, big storage spaces and gorgeous displays. They opted to go after the sub $50 phone market instead of keeping the small number of users that they had rotating into new devices. They then continued to screw things up for their dedicated fan base by making better Apps for other platforms and abandoning, for the third time, the OS itself. The writing was on the wall and it was written so clearly that manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei and many others just dumped their Windows Phone lines all together. In fact, the number 2 Windows Phone maker behind Microsoft right now is Blu. Scary isn’t it?

Limitations. That’s the excuse that Microsoft continues to roll out. First it was the time that was needed to do Windows Phone up right coming off of 6.5 to 7. They didn’t have time to move from the limited CE core to the NT core, so they just used CE again for the base on 7. It was limited in its possibilities though, so move on to 8 where we can change the kernel. So, any of you that bought our product 3 months ago, sorry, no updates for you. Windows Phone 8 rolls out and everyone is excited, but it still doesn’t work as a PC would. It was pushed out to get it out quickly and we didn’t have all the functions we needed, so it’s a bit limited in functions. Oh and by the way, go update your PC to Windows 8 and enjoy the same experience on your PC and your phone. That led to the, “That didn’t sell too well.” conversation, which lead to them dumping Windows 8 all together and going straight to Windows 10. Windows 10 launched in July and should be available for mobile devices in October. I’m personally betting that it will be a bit limited in its first rendition, but get better over time with some updates – which hopefully will not depend on carriers to push through.

The issue now is that for so long, Microsoft has abandoned users again and again. First with the move from 6.5 to 7, then 7 to 8 and now the all but forgotten OS is getting updated again, but it won’t include any hardware driven features that they have been selling as the major points of Windows 10 Mobile. Instead of trying to justify their behavior, why doesn’t Microsoft just man up and admit that they have lost. They should just do the right thing with their users and work with the PC and Tablet makers to create what they tried to from the start of this entire fiasco, the Pocket PC. Hopefully they will get the idea that a Pocket Surface would be a brilliant idea. A phone that runs EXE’s would sell a ton and they are in a position right now to launch the largest game changing OS in the history of computers, if only they would get out of their own way and dump Windows Mobile, like they should have done before Windows Phone ever existed.

Verizon Begins Upgrade Process To 5G Technology


Not too long ago, Verizon Wireless adopted their upgraded data network technology to LTE and users began to see a roll out of the high speed network in major markets. With more and more data hungry devices flooding their streams, upgrades were made, speeds were managed and the best network in the country continued its dominance of the airwaves in an almost too easy fashion. Stepping into today, Verizon is once again on the front lines of the data race with their announcement that they are in the beginning phases of testing of their next generation data network and the first 5G network in the US.

Even with the field testing scheduled to begin in 2016, it could be a few years before the network is rolled out for normal usage. Currently, even the best “4G LTE” devices only offer downloads of upwards of 150Mbps, which is a fraction of what the new 1Gbps theoretical speeds are of the new network. For users to see a dramatic improvement in network speeds, new hardware would be needed and towers in their areas would have to be retooled completely to the new standards.

The projected launch date of the 5G network is still slated for as far out as 2020, but with live testing being bumped forward, perhaps Verizon is trying to get a jump on the 4.5G Sprint Spark TD-LTE network that is rolling out to select markets now. While we don’t see a need for the average user to venture much over 10Mbps, the excitement of seeing the next generation of mobile data rolling out is something special