The Smartphone Report has been publishing about the best deals in non-contract wireless service and handsets since 2010. The original content published at the Smartphone Report is well researched, tested and verified as much as possible before publication. We feel that it is our job to help you make the most informed decisions on how to spend your money on your cellular service. While we try and cover as many carriers and services as possible, we are not able to get to all of them. If you find a product or service that we should try and cover, please feel free to email us at smartphonedeals@gmail.com

We also love to hear from vendors that offer services and would be happy to give them an honest assessment of where they stack up with the competition. Sometimes their service shines, while others fall short. We are also happy to review any products related to our readership and welcome the chance to show off new items for our readers to experience.

As we enter our 8th year, we are happy to announce we will begin full video reviews of products this year, hosted by our editor, Ron Lunsford. This is the first year we have attempted to show products in motion, rather than just in still images. We are excited to get to this level and can’t wait to share the products that are sent to us for testing. If you are a manufacturer and would like your product featured, please let us know by emailing us.

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to have a product featured on our site.



The Smartphone Report is read by approximately 85,000 users yearly, with a monthly unique volume of over 7,000 visitors. We specialize in mobile products and non-contract cellular providers. We welcome anyone interested in submitting products for us to review to contact us at smartphonedeals@gmail.com. Our submission guidelines and address will be sent to you as well as any additional demographic information you may require. For additional support, please email us at the address above.

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