Motorola Announces The Moto G: A Lower Cost Experience

For those users that live on prepaid cellular or just hate contracts, buying a state of the art phone has always been a bit painful. Google first changed the market with the Nexus series and it’s low, off-contract pricing. Today, Google is trying to do it again with it’s ultra-low priced Moto G handset. The device will be available in two flavors, both of which are shooting straight at the pocketbooks of the emerging markets and those contract-phobes.

The first offering comes in at $179 a gorgeous device with 8GB of internal memory. The second ups the memory to 16GB for $199. Now, for those concerned about storage, Google includes an additional 50GB of Google Drive space for free with the device. This means you would have 16GB on board and another 65GB of cloud storage for the rest of your needs. There is no expandable memory slot on the Moto G itself.

Taking much of the experience of the Moto X and downsizing it slightly, the Moto G is quite an impressive handset. The 4.5” display has a pixel density (329 ppi) better than the iPhone 5s and the Moto X. It’s powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor and 1GB of RAM. There is also no LTE radio in the new G series, though that may have much more to do with the target markets than the price. Many of the markets where the G is bound to be successful will be countries where HSPA+14.4 is still considered to be high speed cellular.

The 5MP shooter on the back should take adequate shots for posting to social networks and the 1.3 MP camera on the front will be perfect for video chatting and a few self shots here and there.

Overall, the Moto G looks to be a great mid-range handset for an amazing price. With devices like this coming to market in 2014, many more people will discover savings with MVNO’s like Red Pocket Mobile and Spot Mobile. A full review of the Moto G will be coming as soon as the US model makes its way to market.


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