Apple Set To Reorganize Phone Lineup In 2018

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As summer hits the half way point, most tech junkies begin looking forward to the next big tech announcement of the year – the new iPhone or iPhones as the case has been lately. This year, rumors are heading towards a much different kind of announcement from Apple as it appears that only 2 of the current 6 devices that they are manufacturing will make the cut into next year’s lineup. The slightly reduced price iPhone 8 and 8 Plus should remain in place for next year, but Apple appears to be either listening to consumer wants, or they’ve completely lost their direction and have little clue what to do next.

The 2019 Apple lineup, according to rumors, will feature three new handsets and the two iPhone 8 models. The most notable omission from the expected device list is the classic iPhone SE. The SE is due to be replaced by a stunning 6.1″ model that uses the iPhone X styling but features an LCD display instead of the normal OLED displays that iPhone’s are known for. It’s a great cost cutting move to keep the device’s price lower, but moving your value line from a 4″ display to a 6.1″ display will probably not go over too well with fans of the original iPhone bodies.

The next two devices, commonly referred to as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus will also feature much of the design language of the iPhone X, but will be available in a 5.8″ version and a 6.5″ version. Apple is betting heavily that these devices will lead to consumers updating their devices as upgrade sales for their current year models were not on par with what they expected.

While iPhone and budget savers really never went well together, there were definitely deals to be had on devices like the iPhone SE (free on MetroPCS or as low as $99 through most prepaid providers) or prior generation models like the iPhone 6s. By trimming their lineup to 5 devices going into next year, Apple is obviously getting read to trim back further and create as little as three device chains going forward. Our hope is that the new LCD powered iPhone is priced aggressively enough to allow budget users to enjoy the iPhone experience without spending more than $15 a month on the device itself. That may be a long shot, but one can hope.

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