Sprint Kickstarts Their Plans With $15 Unlimited Cell Service


It seems as if whenever the T-Mobile/Sprint merger talks begin, Sprint makes a last second hail-mary to attract some additional users to their rolls before they disappear forever. That may sound a bit dramatic, but over the years, these talks have always meant some great things for people that have good Sprint coverage, and this round is no exception. Currently, Sprint is offering their new Unlimited Kickstart plan to “new to Sprint” users for an unbelievable $15.00 a month. With taxes and fees, that should keep the monthly payment to about $20 a month in most markets. Of course, it can’t all be roses on this plan, but the limitations are rather minimal for such a great deal on service. The Unlimited Kickstart plans include unlimited talk, text and data on the Sprint network, global roaming and the ability to bring your own Sprint compatible device. The issues, should you want to call them that, are the fact that sites that Sprint identifies as video are capped at 480p speeds, music streams at 500kbps and gaming is limited to 2Mbps as well. You also do not get the added features that their Truly Unlimited plans offer, like the free Hulu subscription, device tethering and the ability to finance new phones through Sprint. Overall, they aren’t deal breakers when you can walk out of the store with a family plan for under $75 for four lines.

Of the deal breakers, probably the hardest for most families to deal with is the fact that they can’t finance Sprint compatible phones while on the Unlimited Kickstart plan. That’s actually not a bad thing though as many Apple iPhones (5c and newer), Google Pixels, Moto E/G/X/Z series and newer Samsung Galaxy S devices are eligible to come to the Unlimited Kickstart offer. If you don’t already have one, there are some spectacular deals on compatible Moto devices right now. With the G series starting at $149 and most of the other compatible handsets coming in at $100-200 off their current prices, there’s never been a better time to check out this deal. The trick will be getting your Moto device in hand before the deal ends. The other alternative is to select a device from Sprint and pay full retail price for it. With pre-owned devices like the iPhone 7 Plus at $374.99 or the Galaxy S6 at $145 it won’t break the budget to get started on the Unlimited Kickstart. If you want a new phone, Sprint has you covered with entry level devices like the ZTE Max XL or the Galaxy J3 Emerge for under $150. No matter which way you go, for a sub $20 a month phone bill, it’s not a bad move.

While the Unlimited Kickstart plan isn’t perfect, for most, and by most we mean 95%, of the users out there, it’s a real steal. In the Seattle area, with taxes and fees, a family of 4 pays almost $75 a month, or $25 less than the no-frills plans from MetroPCS or the throttled offerings from Cricket Wireless. The Unlimited Kickstart plan even tops Sprint’s own Boost Mobile $100 plan for four lines by the same amount and includes international roaming. If you are currently paying more than you want for you plan on Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T, you may want to hit the link below and check out your options – especially if you live in a stronger Sprint coverage area. Sprint service is much better than it was even 2 year ago in most areas, which means now could be the time to take advantage of a deal that will give you everything for quite a bit less than you think. Hit the link below to check out the Unlimited Kickstart plan and start saving.

$15 Unlimited Kickstart Plan – Limited Time Offer

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