Free Cell Service Is Just A Click Away


Republic Wireless is so positive that you will love them, and their pricing, that you will take a chance and order a Republic SIM kit and give their hybrid coverage a serious look. In fact, they are so sure that they will perform better and cost you less than you pay now, that they will give you a free SIM, free month of service and ship it all to you for free as well. This is the epitome of a great offer and anyone that owns a qualifying handset would be crazy not to try it if they are paying more than $40 a month for a line of service.

Once you have checked the device page to make sure you are good to go, just order up the SIM, wait for it to arrive and away you go. Try out the service for the month and see how it works for you. Remember, you can save a fortune by leaning on Wi-Fi whenever possible and limiting “cellular network” connections while out and about. While the Republic deal won’t be for everyone, giving a truly free trial of their services will help some of those that are on the fence about trying a cost saving plan. Click the link below to find out more.

Shop Now to get a Free SIM card with Free Shipping and 1 month of Free 1GB service on our 4G LTE Nationwide Coverage. After 1 month your bill is $20 per month.

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