30% Off Select Phone Bundles From Total Wireless

Total Wireless, the “Wal-Martian/Targetish” available MVNO is trying really hard to win your minutes and data usage with a 30% off “sitewide” deal on phones and airtime. Now, we put the “sitewide” notice there in quotes as we tried about 15 different phone and plan combinations and only a select few came up as valid. The Alcatel ZIP LTE, ZTE Atrium, LG X Style, LG Premier LTE, LG Power and Alcatel Pop Icon were the only 6 devices that we were able to apply our discount code to.

While this isn’t nearly as great as saving 30% on a new iPhone or Galaxy line phone, and it may border on the fringes of questionable tactics, the offer is still a strong on e if you are looking for a low cost phone and a lower price service. For $35 a month, users receive unlimited talk, text and 5GB of LTE data on Verizon’s network and or as little as $7 you can walk away with a new phone. That means for about $40, you can get a new phone and a month of service delivered to your door.

Keep in mind, most of the devices that are being offered on this deal are really glorified “feature phones” as the internal memory is minimal and the Android OS versions that they are running may be years old. Still, if you need that burner phone for vacationing this summer or you want to get the kids a cheap Wi-Fi powered entertainment device, you could do much worse.

30% Off Phone Bundles Sitewide with code TOTAL30 at Total Wireless Valid 5/1-5/31

$250 OFF iPhone 6s 32GB Space Grey/Rose Gold Now $299.00 at Total Wireless. Valid 4/5 – 5/31.

$200 OFF Samsung Galaxy S8 with airtime card bundle (from $599.99 to $399.99) until 5/31.

Price drop Galxy S6 from $199.99 to $159.99 at Total Wireless. Valid 5/1-5/31.

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