The Savings Are Simple With Simple Mobile


MVNO, Simple Mobile, has long been one of the best deals in wireless for single line users. From their $30 a month, 2GB LTE data plan to their $50 a month, unlimited LTE plan, their offerings have always kept their users very happy. As time has moved forward, Simple didn’t stop tweaking things to attract even more users. With their latest offerings, Simple Mobile has you, and your family in their sights, hoping to lure you away from those expensive device payment plans that the big four reel you in with to a way more budget friendly offering.

Starting with that 2GB plan at the $30 mark, you can add additional lines to your primary line for just $25 each. That’s a savings of $15 for a family of four and a total monthly bill of just $105. If you need a bit more data, jump up to their $40 offering that features 6GB of data per line and only costs $2.50 a line more every month after the discount. While saving $45 a month on your wireless is great, what if 6GB isn’t enough for you? Don’t worry, they have you covered with their Truly Unlimited Plan as well which will only raise the cost of four lines to $125 a month. That’s a savings of $75 a month. It’s by far the most cost effective plan that doesn’t require you to ever set foot into a retail store.

Another nice feature of the Simple Mobile offerings is the ability to add a 5th line online. Many MVNO’s aren’t equipped for that or max out at four lines on their family plans. If you need that 5th line, it’s just an additional $25 regardless of the plan you choose. The savings range from $25 to $100 once you’ve added that 5th line to your plan. On top of the monthly savings, Simple is making it easy to own great devices with the deals listed below or you can bring your own phone with the Simple Mobile SIM Card for under a buck.


SAVE $150 iPhone 6s 32GB Rose Gold, Space Grey Now $299 or $16.40/Month at Simple Mobile. Valid 4/5-4/30

iPhone SE 32GB Gold, Grey, Rose Gold Now $159.00 at Simple Mobile. Valid 4/5-4/30

Price Reduced Even More! Save $80 if you buy now Huawei Sensa (from $99.99 to $19.99). While supplies last at

SAVE $30! LG GRACE- 5.3” HD Display+ FREE STANDARD SHIPPING at Exp. 4/30

SAMSUNG GALAXY ON5 (from $39.99 to $29.99) at While supplies last.


This post contains affiliate links.

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