Get $300 Off Popular Verizon Devices – No Trade In Needed


In what seems nothing short of a miracle, or maybe the good folks at Verizon just read our posts, Big Red has a bevy of new offers running that take decent deals to a whole new meaning. While it’s hardly a BOGO deal with bill credits, the fact is, they are going to chop $12.50 a month off the price of your device for the next 24 months on select devices.

Starting with the ever popular Galaxy lineup, you can save $300 (bill credit of $12.50 a month for 24 months) on the Galaxy S9+ or Galaxy Note 8. You can also save $200 (bill credit of $8.33 per month) on the Galaxy S9. The credit increases back to $300 on the Google Pixel 2XL.

Get up to $300 off Galaxy S9+. No trade in req’d.

up to $300 off Galaxy Note 8. No trade in req’d,

Get up to $300 off Google Pixel 2 XL. No trade in req’d. Plus, get 2 months of YouTube TV, a Google Home Mini and Chromecast on us!

Get up to $300 off our best Android phones. No trade in req’d.

It’s also worth nothing that new to Verizon users are eligible for port in credits of $150 per line when they join up. This could further reduce the out of pocket costs of that new device a bit further. If take advantage of the 4 line deal, with port-in credits on all four lines, you can walk away with new Galaxy S9+’s for the family for about $250 a month. This is right in line with the deals that were offered with the BOGO offerings they had recently, but without the need to trade in a device that has a street value of $200-400. Overall, when you can slam a $150 port-in credit and a $300 phone credit on to one line, it will take a big chunk out of that $950 phone price right off the bat. With all credits applied, the S9+ will run users about $480 plus tax to purchase.

Get a $150 gift card when you switch to Verizon.

If free after bill credits are more your speed, check out the great deal on a Gratis LG K20V as well. This capable little device will cost you nothing after credits are applied to your account each month.

Online Only: Free LG K20V!

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