Today Only: Save $50 On The Moto G5+


When you take one of the best values in smartphones and subtract $30-50 from the price, you get what we like to call a virtual steal. Today (March 31, 2018) only, you can save $30 on the Motorola G5+ 32GB model or a whopping $50 off the 64GB model. This is the type of deal that is usually reserved for passing lines, which may be the case here as the G6 rumors have been flying lately, but that doesn’t take away from the powerful G5+’s value.

The Motorola G5+ features a set of specs that make even the most modern flagship devices seem overpriced, by a long ways. The 32GB model features 2GB of RAM, while the 64GB has 4GB installed. Other than that, the specs are the same across the board. A full HD 5.2″ display delivers a 424 ppi rating, and the 12MP rear camera features a very well performing f/1.7 aperture. It also shoots full 4K video as well. The 5MP front camera shoots with a wide angle lens, beautification mode and even allows ‘professional mode’ shooting for your selfies. This is something that is missing from many top end flagships, even in today’s market.

What makes the Motorola G5+ an even better value than just the spec sheet shows is the fact that the device ships unlocked from Motorola and can be used on any of the major US Carriers or their MVNO’s right out of the box. This includes CDMA carriers and GSM carriers. Any network you want to use will work with the Motorola G5+ right out of the box.

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