The Galaxy S9 Deals Just Keep On Coming


Verizon Wireless is the latest of the major carriers to release a stellar deal on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ models, in fact, it’s so good, it rivals the iPhone X deal that Sprint is running on their lease program right now. As we covered a few days back, Verizon is currently offering users a BOGO deal on the S9 or S9+ without having to trade in anything to get the discounts. When you team this with the $150 per line port in credit, you end up walking out of the store with two Galaxy S9’s for $499.92 after bill credits.

Of course, this deal is best used in a 2 pack, so you walk out with their lower $40 per line rate on four phones, but even still, getting a $800 phone for free with the purchase of a second one isn’t a bad deal. If you walk in for two lines with this deal, you’ll pay $33.33 a month for the first phone, plus $130 a month for two lines of unlimited service. That puts the monthly bill at right around $190 a month for two lines with 2 new S9’s in your pockets. That equals out to just over $4200 for two years of service once you have factored in the $300 in port-in credits and the $800 in phone payment credits that you will get during that time frame. The four line price is even better at $260 a month for 24 months with $1600 in phone credits and $600 in port-in credits.

While the idea of signing up for 24 months of service is completely unappealing to us, the fact that Verizon is offering flagship phones at a discounted rate is something worth considering if you don’t want to pay $800-1000 for a phone outright. If you need Verizon’s coverage due to your location, this S9 and S9+ deal just might be your ticket to upgrading your device.


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