Grab These Sub $10 iPhone SE Deals

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Were you lucky enough to score one of those free iPhone SE’s from MetroPCS recently? If so, you’re probably realizing that finding the accessories you need in a retail store can be a bit challenging. Of course, being budget minded, we’ve done the leg work on this great deal and found you some of the best deals around in SE accessories. So, sit back and let us do the work for you and enjoy these great additions to your new phone.


There’s nothing worse than changing from an Android phone with a USB-C or Micro USB connection to the Lightning connector of the iPhone. To make the switch a bit easier, don’t buy all new chargers, simply swap the old cable for these new 6ft SIDAWOO Lightning cables. The three pack of high quality cables will only set you back $8.59 and they ship free with Amazon Prime.


Sure, you may have gotten that iPhone SE free from MetroPCS (or discounted heavily from another carrier) but that doesn’t mean you should take it for granted. Protect that new phone with a quality case from ULAK. Starting at just $5.99, there is pretty much a case for every user’s tastes. Whether you are an ultra-thin/barely there case lover, a rugged-virtually bulletproof case user or you want the all-in-one wallet style cover, ULAK has you covered for under a Hamilton. This item ships for free with Amazon Prime.


Of course, your iPhone SE came with the legendary Apple Earbuds, but who really wants to stream Pandora on that unlimited plan you got with that phone over a wired headset? The MGLSSB are a wonderfully generic Bluetooth earbud setup that aren’t just pretty decent, they are pretty great. With 6 hours of playback time and a sweatproof design, they are just about perfect for everyone’s workout bag. Take them running (though please pay attention to traffic and others!) or sweat it out in the gym for hours on end, these guys have you coveredThis item ships for free with Amazon Prime.


Speaking of the gym, or being on that run, nobody should be waist-banding or bra-stuffing their new iPhone these days. Not when you can grab a reflective arm band that comes complete with a water resistant casing for the phone and a small pocket for your house, locker or car key. Yes, for $8 you can score the perfect solution for your workout needs in this arm band. It’s available in just about any color, so grab the one that fits your gear the best and hit the trails – or the treadmill – without worrying about dropping your phone. Pair it with the Bluetooth earbud setup that we showed above and you’ll be ready to conquer that marathon before you know it. This item ships for free with Amazon Prime.


Finally, if you are coming from an Android or even a Windows device that had expandable storage, working with that paltry 32GB of internal memory can be a bit of an issue. While your new unlimited plan is great for streaming content, you may find yourself wishing that you had a movie or two from your home collection on your device. Enter the iMEEK Card Reader and it’s ability to read your MicroSD and standard SD cards right to your iPhone. You can insert that MicroSD card into the iMEEK and have instant access to whatever files you need, anywhere you need them. For best results, copy them to your device, watch them, then delete them. This keeps your device memory free and gives you virtually unlimited storage on the go. This item ships for free with Amazon Prime.


Links below – all items ship FREE with Amazon Prime:
6ft SIDAWOO Lightning – 3Pk
ULAK – iPhone SE Cases
MGLSSB Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
i2 Gear – reflective workout arm band
iMEEK SD Card Reader


This post contains affiliate links.

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