My Mobile Must-haves

Regardless of the type of phone you have, there are a few things that really are a must have if you have a smartphone. Whether you’re toting an iPhone 6 or a Galaxy S9+, you’ve probably hit that moment of, “If only I had my…” Well, to eliminate those moments forever, here’s a list of some inexpensive Mobile Must-haves for you

Keychain 1

This 1000mAh keychain doesn’t have enough power to charge your iPhone or Android device completely, but it does have a MicroUSB port on one side and a Lightning connector on the other. This covers about 90% of the phones made. If you have a USB-C connector, check out this adapter to make this work with your device.

waterproof bags

Nothing will ruin a vacation faster than a ruined phone. Even with the latest waterproofing, a dip in the pool or a splash in the ocean can wreak havoc on your electronic devices. The Mpow Waterproof bags are made of 100% waterproof PVC and feature quick release lanyards for wearing them around your neck. The best part of the Mpow bag is that they are a crystal clear finish, which means you can actually shoot photos from your phone with it in the bag.


You spent a grand on that new phone, or maybe just fifty bucks, either way, shouldn’t you be able to do more with it than just talk and send a text? How about adding the Mixoo 2-in-1 stylus to your pocket. Unlike the chunky monkey styli of the past, this one features a soft wide point and a very fine tip – which is great for making handwritten notes in Apps like Microsoft OneNote and Evernote. Even better, the¬†Mixoo 2-in-1 stylus is only $10.99 and ships free with Amazon Prime service.

SD Card

There are quite a few options in MicroSD cards on the market today, but the one that has never let us down is the Samsung EVO series. These amazing little cards cost less than $.50 per GB and run like dreams inside most smartphones. From saving a music library to capturing HD video, these high speed cards won’t stutter and lag like some of the cheaper imposter cards. Think of it this way, your most precious memories are going to be stored on this thing, you may want to skimp a bit on the phone and get a more trusted memory card in stead. Still at $120 for a 256GB card, $40 for a 128GB, or even $15 for a 32GB card, these are far from an expensive addition to most budgets.



Well, this isn’t something you buy, but if you have a smartphone, there’s nothing better than having Google Photos installed on it. While it’s a free service to use, in the age of Unlimited Data Plans, onboard storage is officially more expensive than data. If you allows your images to be uploaded to Google Photos (even just over Wi-Fi) you can clear your device regularly leaving plenty of room for more photos later. The standard quality image uploads don’t count against your Google Drive Space, but if you want larger images, you can always pay extra to store them. To make this even better, you can download the Drive Sync program to your PC and sync images across devices without any issues at all. It’s a must have for every smartphone owner. Search your App Store for the correct version for your device or visit for more information.


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