Turn Your Phone Into A Powerhouse Computer

HooToo 3999.jpg

If you have the latest generation device in your pocket and it features a USB-C charging port, you may have more power than you could ever imagine in the palm of your hands. With a simple device, you can take your cell phone from useful to irreplaceable in seconds. The best part, these crazy devices are much cheaper than most people think.

This $59.99 USB-C hub is the perfect addition to your USB-C powered smartphone. If you don’t need quite as much connectivity, there’s also a $33.99 option as well. What these little hubs are made for is Ultrabook style laptops like the MacBook Air or Zenbook style computers that lack some important external slots due to their smaller size. What they can do for your smartphone is allow you to hook the tiny computer in your pocket to a big screen, a keyboard, external drives, and other accessories for the best “on the go” computer experience ever.

While there are other hubs that cost hundreds of dollars out there, these two options are great for on the go (or stay at home) smartphone users. Starting off with the $33.99 model, the HooToo USB-C Adapter features just about every port you will need to be productive on the go. It comes complete with 3-USB 3.0 ports, an SD Card Reader, a 4K compatible HDMI port and a USB-C power port. It’s everything you need to get started on the perfect travel kit for your laptop or cellphone computer system.

The $59.99 version of the HooToo USB-C Adapter adds in Ethernet capabilities, which is great for those hotels that offer the service ports, but honestly, with the availability of Wi-Fi at hotels (plus the fact that your cellular data plan is probably fast enough for doing the basics) it’s probably not a needed upgrade (unless you have an Ultrabook style computer that needs an Ethernet port as well.)

Overall, the ability to blog on the go, post to social media accounts with a keyboard on the run or even use your phone with Apps like SnapSeed on a large format screen is pretty huge for a mobile society. If you want to unleash your phone’s true potential and really take advantage of the mobile life style, hit the link and order the HooToo USB-C Adapter for your phone. Productivity has never been so easy.

Tips to building the perfect mobile device home computing system:
Start with a USB-C phone like the HTC U 11 or Samsung Galaxy S8.
Add a 15″ USB Powered Portable Monitor or a nice 24″ rotating monitor for home use.
Then a USB-C Hub from HooToo
Finish up your system with a USB keyboard and mouse and your mobile system is all set!


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