Save $100 On The HTC U11


Deals on one of the best smartphones on the planet are always a good thing. Deals on one that delivers a stellar camera experience are even better. When said deal includes a price tag that is nearly half of the new 2018 models that are flying off the shelves, it becomes less of a deal and more of a, “Need to take a hard look at this one.” This is the case with the deal that HTC is currently offering up on their 2017 flagship, the HTC U11. The $649 device was quite a deal at that price point, but at $100 off of that sticker, the U11 instantly became a great buy for anyone looking for a device on AT&T or T-Mobile. That’s not to say Verizon and Sprint users are shut out, but read up carefully on the performance on non-GSM carriers before going too far into this deal.

The highlights of the U11 are stunning. It features a gorgeous glass finish (though it does like to fingerprint easily), a particularly amazing camera (was the first camera to break the 90 mark on the DXO scale) and their Edge Sense technology that allows you to access features like the camera, or other Apps with just a squeeze of the sides of the device. All in all, it’s everything someone could want in a phone and more, and now it’s literally half the price of the latest offerings from Apple and 30% less than the latest Galaxy devices.

The U11 features USB-C charging and data transfer, and features Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 to keep it’s 3000mAh battery going through even the longest days. Out of the box, you will also notice that HTC has tossed in a set of active noise cancellation earbuds to make the most out of the U-Sonic audio that the U11 offers. On top of that, the U11 also includes a USB-C headphone adapter, clear cover and a few other tidbits that make it an exceptional value. If you’ve been on the fence about grabbing this gem, your timing couldn’t be better than right now.

The U11 is available in 4 color choices in the US and is also available in multiple carrier options and unlocked varieties. Don’t be scared off by the term “unlocked” on this device. The unlocked versions are provisioned to work on Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, so you can buy the larger 6GB/128GB variant and use that on Verizon if you’d like. Remember, though, the U11 does not have CDMA radios on board, so it’s a VoLTE device only on Big Red. Something to remember if you travel to the outskirts often and depend on having coverage.

The U11 $100 off deal won’t last long, so grab this deal while you can. The $100 you save could get a ton of nice cases or even a set of those incredible JBL earbuds that they have at Click the link below to grab this deal before it’s gone.

Get your HTC U11 for $100 off.

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