SIMPLE Mobile Offers Up Samsung Galaxy On5 For Under $30


While many balk at the thought of dropping from their gorgeous Galaxy S7 or even their new S8 to save some money every month, budget conscious individuals know a deal when they see it. When a non-contract carrier like SIMPLE Mobile offers a decent device like the Galaxy On5 for under $30 and then drops a $25 plan on it that includes unlimited talk, text and 2G data (with 1GB at LTE) – everyone should take note on how much they can save by cutting a few corners. Since SIMPLE Mobile runs off the T-Mobile network, coverage has become better and better in most locations. It’s not the T-Mobile network of old where drops and slow data speeds plague so many areas of the country.

The On5 deal that SIMPLE Mobile is currently running is not one of those deals that most people will want to grab, but for those that just want to use their phone as their phone and maybe do some light social media and email checking, it’s a hard one to pass on. First off, you get the Galaxy On5 for $29.99. This is a Quad-Core, 5” device with a decent 5MP camera (read here – outdoor shots only please!) and 8GB of internal memory. Most of that storage is chewed up by the OS, so you’ll need to watch what you install on this to make the most of the phone. Try options like the mobile sites for Facebook, Twitter and other Apps that you may typically use. They will load fast and not take up any additional storage space. Toss in a MicroSD card for your media needs and you are all set rocking a bare bones Android device that costs about the same as a few cups of coffee.

From there, it gets simple. $25 gets you unlimited talk, text and data with the first 1GB at LTE speeds. Another $5 jumps that to 2GB before speeds slow. At $40 a month, the LTE limit climbs to 6GB and at $50 you roll to unlimited. If you have more than one person to put on your plan, you can opt to go with SIMPLE Mobile’s $25 add on lines for anyone else that needs one at any of the plan levels. Again, power users may want a bit more phone than the On5 offers, but for the ones looking for an affordable way to get a single line for talk and text, this combination is a great one. Check out the link below for more details on this great offer.

Grab the Samsung Galaxy On5 at SIMPLE Mobile for $29.99.

This post contains affiliate links.

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