FreedomPop’s Samsung J3 Offer Is Hotter Than The Summer Heat


FreedomPop is turning up the summer heat with offers like the Samsung Galaxy J3 for $79.99 with a free month of their unlimited talk/text and 2GB of LTE data plan. This plan is typically $24.99 a month, but is included with the J3 deal for 30 days. The J3 ships with an older version of Android (5.1.1) but has a beautiful 5” display powered by a 2600 mAh battery. The J3 also features a 8MP camera, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Overall, the Samsung J3 is a great fit for the FreedomPop network and is a great way to get started lowering your cell bill, or eliminating it all together. Hit the link below to purchase your J3 right now.

100% Free Talk, Text, & Data w/ Samsung Galaxy J3 – FreedomPop


For those looking for a bit more cost effective device up front, or maybe something that just offers a touch more durability, FreedomPop is also offering a special price on the Kyocera Hydro Vibe as well. The Hydro Vibe features a 4.5” impact resistant display, and an IP57 water and dust resistance rating to keep your device safe from the elements. It also has 1.5GB of RAM and a smaller 8GB of storage, so App lovers will probably want to opt for a higher storage capacity device, but for users that want a rugged device that aren’t concerned about installing a ton of extras, the Hydro Vibe is an excellent choice. The sub $50 price point makes the Hydro Vibe an even better deal. Enter your information at the link below to check out this great device.

100% Free Talk, Text, & Data w/ Kyocera Vibe LTE – FreedomPop


Of course, iPhone users shouldn’t be left out of this latest round of deals from FreedomPop. For just $139.99, you can land yourself the iPhone 5s and a month of FreedomPop’s 2GB plan. The iPhone 5s was such a hit with the public that Apple returned the form factor for an unheard of third cycle with the release of the iPhone 5se, which was a first from an Apple mobile device. The powerful 5s features a 4” display, an 8MP camera and a 1GB RAM/16GB storage configuration. In reality, for a 4 year old device, the iPhone 5s still holds its own against some of the best devices today, just with the caveat that it is a bit slower and a bit less powerful than the $1000 flagship devices of today. Grab your iPhone below and start saving with a free plan every month from FreedomPop.

100% Free Mobile Phone Service w/ iPhone 5s + Free 2GB Bonus – FreedomPop

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