Virgin Mobile Goes All In With iPhone Offerings


Call us crazy, but who doesn’t love free cellular service, or maybe service for a year for just a buck? That is exactly what Virgin Mobile is currently offering up as they launch into their new, “iPhone Only” service. Yes, for just $1 (or about $.08 per month) you can land yourself a year’s worth of service when you purchase any of the iPhones that Virgin is currently offering.  From just $279.99 for the iPhone SE to $769.99 for the iPhone 7 Plus, there seems to be an iPhone for almost every budget – especially when you think about that fact that for just a dollar extra you get a year of service thrown in. This pins the monthly cost at $23.42 with the iPhone SE and takes it all the way up to $64.25 with the iPhone 7 Plus. You can also add full device protection to your plan for just $7 a month as well.

Now for the details on that unlimited plan, and they are a bit stiffer than what you might be used to seeing. First off, the plan includes unlimited talk, text and data, but data can be deprioritized during times of heavy congestion or after 23GB of data is used. Also, users are only allowed 800 minutes (that’s 13 hours) of talk time a month while roaming, which shouldn’t be a huge problem, but check those coverage maps carefully before making the move. Another roaming restriction, and perhaps the most dangerous of the two, is the 100MB of data cap. If the majority of your minutes or your data requires a friendly tower from another carrier, this will not be the deal for you. Remember when you check that coverage map, zoom in so you can see the street level coverage as well.

While we aren’t happy to see this roping users into a particular device path, the offer of $1 service for a year sure is tempting to jump on. For under $300 you can get yourself a new iPhone and a year of service. There’s not much argument for that being a great deal, but you will need to snag it before it’s gone. This deal ends July 31, 2017.

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