Top 3 Cell Plans Under $10


We’ve all seen that ginormous cell bill come each month and wished we could just cut back a little bit on it. We stop using quite so much data, depending more on free public Wi-Fi or connections at work and home. We watch the minutes and texts to see if we could save a buck here or there. Finally, the next bill comes and the same amount is posted on it as the month before. We are victims of the “age of unlimited” when it comes to our bills – and the carriers know it. The question becomes, is there a better way to use our phones, and if so, how much can you really save each month. Let’s take a look at the best cellular plans available while making you shell out just one Hamilton a month.

Tello (Sprint) – $10


For just $10 a month on Tello, you can land yourself 100 minutes of talk, unlimited texting and 200MB of data. Of course, you can do a bit of massaging and use an App like Facebook Messenger to send “texts” to your friends and family (keep in mind they must have Facebook to do this) and get a bit more data or minutes for $10, but unlimited texting is one of those super low cost features that just is an easy expense. Save the minutes by texting when possible and you will have a yearly cell bill that comes in at $120.

FreedomPop (AT&T) – FREE


We were tempted to add the Sprint version of this plan to the list as well, but why go that route when you can simply order an LTE SIM card for under a buck and start using the service right now instead of having to buy an overpriced pre-owned Sprint device to use on an inferior network? The free plan offers users 200 minutes of talk, 500 texts and 200MB of LTE data. Now before you ask, yes, the service is 100% free, but watch out for the deals that come with the SIM as they will place you on the $19.99 plan and a $7.99 a month service package if you fail to downgrade to the free offering. Still, with the free LTE plan from FreedomPop there are very few deals that will put you in a better spot.

Red Pocket Mobile – $10


The Red Pocket Mobile Essentials plan is available on all four major us carrier’s networks and features 500 minutes of talk, 500 text messages and 100MB of LTE data for just $10 a month. Besides the fact that you can use virtually any device on the planet with one of the Red Pocket plans, the $10 offering is a very solid plan for those that really won’t use much data or that are always around Wi-Fi. Just in case you were wondering, there are additional packs available – $10 gets you an extra 500 min, 500 texts or 500MB of LTE data or $15 gets you the same in 1000 increments.

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