Xfinity Mobile Is Here–And Why You Should Care


It’s not for everyone, but the new Xfinity Mobile offering should be something that almost everyone on the planet considers getting, especially if you are already using Xfinity home internet. For starters, if you are one of those that already subscribes to Xfinity internet, you are someone that should really look at the Mobile service, if for no other reason than it’s practically free. Yes, you heard correctly, there is no line access fee for up to 5 lines on your existing Xfinity account. That means a savings of nearly $100 right off the top of your cellular bill if you are on a carrier like Verizon. From there, you have three data options and you are up and running.

For starters, there is the included features, which are unlimited talk and text on the Verizon network. The base accounts also include 100MB of data, which when paired with your Xfinity internet hotspot service, should get lighter users through the month without major issues. If you need a bit more data than that, the optional $12 per GB add-on is the perfect solution. For those that require more data, there are two options available. They are both unlimited offerings, but one is $45 a month and the other is $65 a month. The $45 rate is available to Xfinity X1 TV subscribers, while the $65 a month rate is valid for anyone with Xfinity internet.

So, what makes Xfinity the lower cost service that is worth far more than any other service? For starters, you get unlimited talk and text for free each month. Now this isn’t just a one line promotional rate or a VoIP deal that provides less than stellar service, but it’s a 100% certified, 100% awesome Verizon Wireless connection for these services. No funky Apps or crazy hoops to jump through. From there, you can add 4 more lines without paying a dime more than you do already for internet service. After that, you can pay a lowly $12 per GB or sign up for an unlimited plan. The advantage over standard carriers here is that line one can be unlimited, two can be by the GB, and 3-5 can be limited all together. There is no limit to which account is on what service, so you can mix and match as needed. This level of control is rarely seen in a major carrier today.

But, is Comcast/Xfinity a major carrier? Well, right now, they are the ultimate MVNO, or in layman’s terms, they are the ultimate carrier that uses someone else’s network to get their job done. That may or may not be the plan for the future though. Right now, Comcast recently purchased a chunk of 600Mhz spectrum from the FCC which would be prime trading material for Verizon services or, perhaps, might lead to them opening their own network in the future. Either way, the plans are definitely in place for Xfinity services to be a major money saver for those that are already using Comcast for their home internet and the deals should only get better as time goes on. We can just hope that they soon allow a BYOD selection so we can keep these handsets that we love so much.


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