Save 15% On The Total Package From Total Wireless


The nation’s best LTE network. Consistent coverage almost anywhere in the US. Unlimited talk, text and 5GB of lower speed LTE data for just $35 a month. This is the Total Wireless experience and right now, you can snag this amazing deal for even less with 15% off any Total Wireless purchase. Phones, plans and even hotspots are included with this deal. With Total Wireless, you have the full power of the Verizon Wireless network at your fingertips. From coast to coast coverage to a 30% savings over Verizon’s own prepaid service, Total Wireless has the coverage you need at a price that simply cannot be beat. Families can watch the savings add up even faster with a $95 four line plan that includes 15GB of shared data each month. Additional ‘Carryover’ data will only cost $3.34 a GB with their 3GB for $10 data add on that never expires.

Total Wireless offers an unmatched experience and prices that will take your $200 a month Verizon bill and chop it in half. Check out the offer below and see how fast you can start saving and how fast you can switch to Total Wireless. With this 15% off deal, you may just want to order a new phone or two while you’re shopping for that new plan. Just use promo code TOTAL15 at checkout to grab the deal when you hit the link below.

Total Wireless

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