Bring Your Own Phone To Republic Wireless And Watch The Savings Roll In


Most people do not know who or what Republic Wireless is or what they do, and that is a travesty. In fact, over the last 5 years, there hasn’t been much more of a disruptive player in the cellular game. As a start up years ago, Republic offered a “hybrid” wireless service that uses your own, or public, Wi-Fi connections to carry your calls and data instead of a costly cellular network. That’s great when you have access to said Wi-Fi spots, but when they weren’t around, you could fall back on to the Sprint LTE and voice networks. Loosely put, Republic found a way to supplement Sprint’s own network using Wi-Fi connections. It was brilliant, and the price was even better. Fast forward a few years and things look even better for users of Republic’s service.


Republic’s plans start at just $15 a month for unlimited talk and text service. For an extra $5, you can add 1 GB of LTE data to your plan. For $30, your data increases to 2GB of cellular data. $45 moves you to 4GB, $60 takes you to 6GB, and $90 will take you all the way to 10GB of cellular data. Of course, being the budget minded site that we are, we want to spend more time talking about the $20-30 plans, not those higher up plans that don’t offer quite the value that the smaller ones do. With a cost of under $250 a year for an unlimited voice and text plan with 1GB of LTE data, Republic has really set the bar high for others to follow. Of course, there isn’t a way to offer a plan like this without a catch, and this is where Republic has really grown up over the past few years. Initially, there was only one device you could use with Republic. Then it turned into a few more approved devices. Currently, they have 9 devices you can purchase from them for use on their plans and they start at under $150.


That’s not all the good news though. Republic Wireless has also begun allowing users to bring their own devices to the plans as well. If you own just about any of the major Samsung, Moto or Nexus devices from the past few years, or the Pixel or Pixel XL by Google, you can bring your device straight to Republic and start saving today. Just a $5 SIM card and you are up and running with these great plans. If you’re ready to have your yearly cellular bill look more like your monthly one does right now, then hit the link below and check out how much Republic Wireless can save you.

Republic Wireless

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Andre says:

    When is S8 & Moto Z2 coming to our line up of new phone?

  2. Dave says:

    The low end plans may be attractive to some. Republic made it’s name from an unlimited everything plan for $30. Their strength was wifi calling. They no longer offer this. Now that the major carriers have unlimited plans and wifi calling for less than Republic limited, Republic will soon disappear.

    1. Ron Lunsford says:

      You are correct. Republic originally offered an unlimited 3G plan on Sprint, which if you knew about Sprint’s 3G speeds back in 2012, you wouldn’t be saying that it was a better deal that what is in place today. For example, a family of 4 can get 4 lines each with 2GB of data (basically an 8GB shared plan) for $120 a month. This fits the needs of the majority of users, and is a very low cost solution. Sprint does have their limited time 5 lines for $90 and T-Mobile has their limited time 4 lines for $140 deals. The difference is, Republic doesn’t play games with pricing, offers, deals or credits. You go online, order what you want (or BYOD if you have the right devices) and you are done. There’s no tricky “24 month bill credits” or Promo Lines that expire after this date. The even better part about the RW plans is that you can multi-stage them, so the kids can have the $20 1GB plan, and the parents can have the 2GB plan. This takes the bottom line cost down to $100 a month without having to worry about bill shock later.

      Unlimited plans from the big four are awfully tempting, but they are making billions in profits off the backs of people that pay for more than they use every month.

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