The New FreedomPop For Business Plans Are Exactly What The World Needed


After the rapid “almost disappointment” of the FreedomPop Freemium Family Plans wore off, the good folks from FP were back in our inbox with a brand new business offering. As the link was clicked, expectations were pretty low. Fortunately, this new deal is exactly what the family plan should have been to start with. For starters, there’s no pesky “line access fee” on the business side of things. Second, the amount of data for a “business of four” is 2GB, not 1GB. Also included with the plan is unlimited talk and text. It’s about as good as a plan can get, and it’s free.


From there, users can upgrade to a 4GB plan for $34.99, a 10GB plan for $74.99 or a 25GB plan for $159.99 a month. These plans include up to 25 lines per account. While that is a steal right there, the real savings begins to kick in when the features are added in. With a business account, users will also get three major FreedomPop Add-On’s completely free. Visual Voicemail, MMS messaging and enhanced customer support are all included with the business package.

There’s no telling how long this special introductory pricing will last, so stop by the FreedomPop home page today and check out the new business offerings and finally cut your cell bill to ZERO on a plan that really makes sense. Unlimited talk and text with 2GB of shared data for free each month. Now that’s a deal that’s perfect for most users.


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