After You Order Your Galaxy S8, You Better Order One Of These


Ok, poor photo choice given the disastrous fate of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but the good folks at Otterbox do make a great point. Now that you are carrying around that $1000 device, you might want to hide it behind a bit of protection. Otterbox cases have long been considered the standard by which all other cases are measured. Between their ultra thin glass, Alpha cases to the lighter weight Commuter series, or even the ultimate protection found in their Defender line, Otterbox has the right case for your device. While a major phone launch is a great way to get things rolling to a case maker, make sure that you protect your older investment as well. Keeping an older phone looking new is key to getting the best resale value out of it after using it for a time. Between drops, bumps scrapes and bruises, that old phone can really take a beating, or the Otterbox case you put it in can do it instead.


Strada Series for Galaxy S8 and S8+ is functional fashion at its finest. It helps you seamlessly go from the office to the bistro to the theatre with your next big thing covered in premium leather and proven protection.


Use your commute to get ahead. Commuter Series is designed to protect Galaxy S8 and S8+ on the go. Work on your a novel. Compose a song. Binge watch a series. Make the most of every minute for entertainment and achievement.


Symmetry Series is the slim Galaxy S8 and S8+ case that celebrates fashion. Fun colors, lively graphics and clear cases express your personality with stylish protection.


Rugged Galaxy S8 and S8+ protection so you can adventure with confidence. Outfit your phone to dive into your next big thing and bring back the evidence that proves you did it.


Sometimes less is better. Keep your phone in its best state with Alpha Glass for Galaxy S8 and S8+. Fortified glass doesn’t scratch or shatter while you show off your next big thing.

Whatever your tastes are, Otterbox has the perfect fit to protect your new (or used) device. Check out the savings on the newest cases today and have it in hand when that new S8 or S8+ shows up at your door.

This post contains Affiliate Links.

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