Total Wireless Best Device Deals Of April 2017


Looking for a great deal on a starter Android phone, Total Wireless has the reconditioned LG Premier LTE available for $49.99. The 5.3” display is powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz Qaalcomm Snapdragon 410 processor. It does have the limitation of only featuring 8MB of internal storage, but that can be supplemented with a MicroSD card. This is not the phone for those that want a bunch of Apps installed, but for the basic user, the Premier is a great option.

Get the awesome reconditioned LG Premier Android for only $49.99 at!


Another budget handset that is worthy of adding to your pocket this month is the reconditioned ZTE Atrium. The 4.5” display is a bit more hand friendly and at just $19.99, it’s more than a bit budget friendly.There are two big keys to remember before you go falling in love with the Atrium. First, it’s running a much older version of Android – 4.4 (Kit Kat) to be exact, and it does not have LTE connectivity. For the heavy talk and texter, this won’t be an issue, but if you planned on using your 5GB of data to watch movies on Netflix, you’re going to be pretty sorry as you will be spending a fair amount of time waiting for buffers to clear over the cellular network. Still, for $20 and a $35 a month bill, the Atrium could be just what you are looking for.

Get the ZTE Atrium Android for $35 off at Total!


Finally, for those looking for way more power than those starter phones have, there’s the LG G5 for $529.99. This is $70 off the original retail of $599.99 at Total Wireless. While there may be a few better options, or quite a few better options in the sub $500 range, the LG G5 was well ahead of it’s time with its modular design that added speakers, cameras, extended batteries and more. With the discontinuation of the G5 and the modular system, you can get some real steals on the add-on parts. For example, the G5 CamPlus module is only $49.99 at B&H Photo Video, or about half the price that it came out at. The G5 is still a premium device, but at over $500 there may be much better options for bringing your own device to Total Wireless, like maybe the new Moto G5 Plus. Still, any time you can get over 10% off a premium level handset, new in a box, it’s worth a quick look.

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