Pre-Orders Begin For The Motorola G5 Plus


Just as quickly as we covered the 2016 generation of Motorola’s G family, we find out today that the presale for the Moto G5 Plus is now here. Priced at just $229.99 for the 2GB/32GB model, the G5 Plus represents a value that has never been seen before in cellular devices. The G5 Plus features a metal body, a first for the G lineup, and a stunningly fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. The 2GB of RAM is more than enough to keep the standard user running smoothly throughout the day, but if that’s not enough for you, the 4GB/64GB model is available for $70 more.


Both models of the Moto G5 Plus feature a 5.2” full HD display with a 424 ppi rating. They also have the same 3000 mAh battery with Motorola TurboPower technology that will charge the device enough for 6 hours of usage in just 15 minutes. They are also both carrier friendly, working on every virtually every network found in the US. The 12MP dual autofocus camera also sets a new standard in focus time. The new shooter is about 60% faster than the 16MP shooter on the G4 Plus. The rear shooter also has a list of features that make $1000 flagship devices shudder a bit. Quick capture, auto HDR, professional mode, burst mode, panorama, video stabilization adn even 4K Ultra HD video mode at 30 fps. The camera wow-factor continues around to the front of the G5 Plus with a 5MP, wide angle shooter for selfies and YouTube videos. The front shooter features a display flash, professional mode and beautification mode.

Moving on to the device itself, the G5 Plus feels premium in every way. The solid metal body and exceptional build quality just makes the G5 Plus feel premium in every way. We’re not sure how Motorola packed such a premium device into a $230 price, but color us impressed. The G5 Plus definitely has the right features for the average user, and it represents an unbelievable value for today’s smartphone market. Sure, there are other devices that may offer a deal at the sub $200 price point, but there are very few that offer the premium feel and performance of the G5 Plus. The G5 Plus is available for pre-order from the Motorola website and you can get your own Lunar Gray or Fine Gold G5 Plus as soon as they ship if you pre-order one today. – Pre-Order your Moto G5 Plus here.

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