March 2017: Best Value On Each Cellular Network

Finding the best deal on the best network isn’t always easy. Internet searches pull up data from 2011 and list a group of carriers that are no longer in business, or worse yet, include nothing but links to “deals” and “offers” from the writer. To break this trend, we’ve brought back the Best Value In Wireless series. We’ve used this feature in the past to highlight phenomenal deals in the industry and how you can move from a costly monthly plan to something that will keep more money in your pocket. For each of the four major US Networks, you will find our best deals for plans on that network. Please take our advice and check your usage before you assume that unlimited plans are for you. For the most part, they are the biggest waste of money for most people.

AT&T – Net 10 Wireless – Unlimited talk, text and 3GB LTE data for $36 with auto pay.


Net10 is not a newbie to the wireless game, in fact, when you look at MVNO history, Net10 Wireless is a classic. When plans all cost upward of $100 a month, Net10 was one of the first on the scene with a $50 unlimited offering. Now, times have changed, but Net10 offers a stellar deal for the lighter user at $31.50 for a plan that includes unlimited data with the first 500MB at LTE speeds to the $75 10GB plan for the heavier user. Our pick for best value using the AT&T network is the 3GB plan, which includes unlimited talk, text and 3GB of LTE data before being slowed for a monthly total of $36. Net10 is definitely ahead of the competition on this one and the savings can go directly in your pocket.

Sprint – Sprint Prepaid – Unlimited talk, text and 3GB of LTE data for $40 a month.


This one was a bit shocking to us as well, but with all the MVNO’s that Sprint has gotten nasty with, Sprint Prepaid has really jumped out into the lead.  From their $40 a month prepaid offering to their multiple line discounts for families, Sprint Prepaid has just about everyone covered. Another bonus to the Sprint Prepaid plans is that after 12 consecutive monthly payments, you are eligible to roll your plan over to a Sprint post paid account, which nets you the ability to finance phones and devices without having to have a credit check performed.  If Sprint is the network with the best coverage in your area, check out Sprint Prepaid – just hit the prepaid link from the main menu.

T-Mobile – Unlimited talk, text and 3GB of data $40 or 100 minutes of talk, unlimited text and 5GB of data for $30.


T-Mobile has so many deals right now, it’s hard to figure out which one to go with. Some users don’t use the phone to talk to people at all, and for those folks, T-Mobile has a deal for you. The $30 limited plan is something of a beauty in this age of the smartphone. Some may remember using this back in the day with GVoice to create a VoIP account and getting around that 100 minute limit, but this is a true option for those that prefer communicating via messages instead of minutes. If you are a bit more traditional, the $40 3GB plan should be right up your alley. Be aware though, T-Mobile chargers a SIM starter fee on all of their plans, so getting started, even when bringing your own device will set you back $25. This makes the Net10 Wireless offering at $36 a month a very tempting one since the start up cost is far less.

Verizon – Total Wireless – Unlimited talk, text and 5GB of slowed LTE data for $35 a month.


Verizon, the carrier that seems to react to everyone else rather than setting the pace themselves. We love a great deal on service on the best network in the US, but this one goes without saying – Total Wireless is a steal. For just $35 a month, and an additional discount for auto payment, you get unlimited talk and text along with 5GB of slowed LTE data. We reached out to Total Wireless after reading reports on the internet about the actual data speeds, but the representative said only that speeds will vary based on network conditions and traffic. On average, LTE speeds came in at about 8-9 Mbps, which is more than enough for basic usage and even streaming video. At 5GB for the $35 plan, you’ll save about $200 a year over a like offering from Verizon Wireless when you use Total Wireless.

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