FreedomPop Delivers Up To Date Galaxy Devices For The Holidays


FreedomPop is dropping some serious holiday deals this Cyber Monday starting with their $419.99 deal on the Samsung Galaxy S7. To make this stellar deal even a bit better, the S7 comes with a free VR headset, an unlimited talk and text bundle with 2GB of LTE data and free shipping! Grab this hot seller to make sure it arrives in plenty of time to get under your tree.


The slightly more budget conscious user could opt for the one generation old, Galaxy S6 for just $219.99. The Galaxy S6 deal also includes a VR headset, the unlimited talk and text with 2GB of LTE data trial and free shipping. Don’t forget that FreedomPop also includes free FreedomPop to FreedomPop calls that don’t count against your minute totals if you drop to the Basic Plan when your trial expires!


FreedomPop keeps pushing the deals lower and lower for Cyber Monday. The Galaxy S5 deal is priced to move at only $109.99! Again, an unlimited talk, text and 2GB of LTE data plan comes with the device for the first 30 days. You also get that free shipping and no activation fee. Don’t forget, even though the S5 is a few years old, it’s still one of the best devices on the market today and features expandable memory and a replaceable battery!


The last of the Cyber Monday Samsung deals from FreedomPop features the Samsung Galaxy S4 for just $79.99. This stellar device has aged very well and is still able to hold it’s own against the much stronger devices manufactured today. The Galaxy S4 deal still includes that unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data plan plus free shipping. Supplies are extremely limited on this device so order one for yourself today.

This post contains Affiliate Links.

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