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The name Verizon Wireless has always been associated with the best network in the US. Of course with such a strong network, Verizon users were also subject to the highest bills around, but all of that is changing. With the age of the Non-Contract provider now in full swing, carriers have lowered rates across the board while offering more and more services for those lower rates. Today, even though Verizon’s network is still far superior to the other carriers in the US, users no longer have to pay that premium rate for such strong service. In fact, once you look at how you use your device, Verizon may even be the best deal around for you and your family.


First off, devices do not have to cost you an arm and a leg any more. Verizon used to have the market cornered on devices, most of which ran $500 or more and only worked on their network. Today, you can pick up a bevy of lower cost devices that will not only work well, but will out perform many devices that are on the market today. Deals like the Free J3V can quickly lower your bill and save $100’s of dollars over the life of your service plan. For example, a higher end Samsung Note 5 is almost $30 a month, where as the free J3V wouldn’t cost you a dime over the 24 months you have it. That’s a savings of $720 per line!

The Verizon Plan starting at $35/month


Obviously, coverage is a game that Verizon has been winning for the longest time. In areas where you never thought you would have coverage, Verizon comes through. While other provider’s coverages are getting stronger, and many make claims about the 1% difference you will see in the quality of their networks, you will still always find them comparing themselves to the best, which is Verizon Wireless. From top to bottom, Verizon is still the bar that all other’s consider to be the best, and by looking at the coverage maps above, you can see why. Verizon has you covered every where you need to go.

Deals from Verizon Wireless + Free Shipping


Some of you may have been lured away from Verizon recently with those ‘killer deals’ from Sprint and T-Mobile. While it seemed like a great plan at the start, what you may have found is coverage that is lacking, inconsistent connections that require Wi-Fi or a microcell to use your phone indoors or even worse, a bill that didn’t live up to the ‘deal’ that was supposed to be there. For example, On Verizon, a two line plan with 12 GB of data is $110 a month plus taxes. The two line T-Mobile One plan is $120 and the same plan on Sprint will only save you $10 a month for using the smaller network. Suddenly, Verizon isn’t such a bad value any more.  In fact, when you work out the pricing when you take advantage of the lower cost or free devices that are offered, Verizon often times comes out ahead of the competition in price.

Deals from Verizon Wireless + Free Shipping


Don’t think you don’t get bonuses for being with Verizon. In fact, the Verizon Rewards may have more great things for you than most of those other rewards programs. For just logging in to check out the site and paying your bill, you get rewards points. You can cash these in for free magazine subscriptions, gift cards and even enter to win trips and experiences you can’t get anywhere else. The perks don’t stop there. With Verizon, you also get streaming access to the NFL with the NFL Mobile App. Watch your team’s home games right from your device. You can even watch the other in market games for absolutely free. To make this offer even better, games are now accessible through the Verizon Go90 app, which offers data free streaming of incredible content like HGTV, Food Network and many more. All content from the Go90 App streams FREE over the Verizon network.

Deals from Verizon Wireless + Free Shipping

The long and the short of it is that Verizon is still the best network in the US and if you really sit down and look at the service you get for the amount you pay, Verizon has become a much better value than those other carriers pretend that they are. Everyone is so quick to knock Verizon for their higher rates, when in reality, the others are just trying to give you more of an inferior product for the same amount of money. What good is an extra 10GB of data if you can’t get a connection where you need it? What good is lower cost plan if it doesn’t work when you want it to? The bottom line is that most Americans are now using their cell phones as a life line. It’s the only way to get a hold of them and they need a connection that will work. Visit Verizon’s website today and see how your family can get 4 devices and 20GB of data for under $200 a month. There’s not a better plan available if you really need a device that will keep you connected.

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