Cut Your Bill With FreedomPop’s Free Cellular Service


When you ask most people what bill they dread seeing the most each month, the answer is usually their cable bill and cell phone bill. While you can cut the TV portion of your cable to lower your bill substantially, cellular carriers don’t give you that option. Instead, families are duped into a ‘lower rate’ by their carrier and the promises of ‘no contracts’ only to find themselves paying as much, if not more, for those new plans as they did for their older ones. It’s a game that the big players love. The talk of “No more contracts” has an asterisk by it now as that two year service plan has been replaced by a two year phone financing agreement. It’s the new way of getting your money for as long as they can, but you no longer have to put up with it.

100% Free Mobile Phone Service w/ Top Brand Phones up to 50% off!


Welcome to FreedomPop. The world’s most economical cellphone provider. Whether you are looking for a phone that you can talk on all month long, a new line for your business or even an emergency phone for the kids, FreedomPop has you covered at home, on the road, and even around the world.  With FreedomPop’s Global SIM plans, you have access to cellular service in over 25 countries around the world with even more countries being added before the end of this year. US based users will need to have an unlocked GSM device to use the global SIM in their phone. This means having a T-Mobile or AT&T device that was SIM unlocked by the carrier or a newer Verizon handset that is SIM slot unlocked. You can also purchase many lower cost unlocked devices from Amazon or other retailers. Once you have your device and SIM card in hand, you can simply insert the SIM, edit one setting, and start saving every month. For best performance, you will want to make sure you grab an Android device running OS verison 4.0 or newer or an iPhone running iOS 7.0 or later.

100% Free Mobile Phone Service w/ Global 3-in-1 SIM Kit – FreedomPop


If you are a user that prefers to stay in the country, FreedomPop has plans that offer you even more free stuff each month. The Basic 500 plan offers users 200 minutes of talk, 500 texts and 500MB of 3G/LTE data each month for absolutely no charge at all. That’s zero out of pocket for your cellular service. For a family of 4 on the Sprint network, you would be looking at $100 plus your device costs for a plan like this. That’s a savings of almost $200 a month after taxes and fees are added to your bill. If you need more talk, text or data, don’t worry, FreedomPop has lower cost plans that fit just about anyone’s needs. From the smallest unlimited talk and text plans for $10.99 a month to the largest unlimited data plans at $29.99 a month, FreedomPop has you covered. You even have the option of purchasing one of the super affordable Certified Pre-Owned devices that FreedomPop offers or you can bring your own Sprint branded device to FreedomPop, the choice is yours!

100% Free Mobile Phone Service w/ Top Brand Phones up to 50% off!


FreedomPop is also the perfect plan for families. With free calling and texting between FreedomPop users, most users can easily stretch the Basic 500 plan into a full month of use. In fact, with the Freedom Friends program, many users expand their free Basic plans to 1 full GB of data per month at no additional charge. Between FreedomPop to FreedomPop communications being included and the Freedom Friends data program being in place, they don’t even have to watch their usage while they keep in touch with friends and family. Again, FreedomPop is all about saving you money and giving you the freedom to do more with your device for less money.

100% Free Mobile Phone Service w/ Top Brand Phones up to 50% off!


By now, you’re probably wondering what the catch is, right? Well, depending on how you use your device, there might be a few things for your to consider. First, you have some additional services that may be useful to you on your current plan that others don’t use. Things like voicemail and picture messaging are not included with the FreedomPop service. The voicemail service is $2.49 a month and picture messaging is $1.99 a month. Of course, if you sign up for the FreedomPop Premier or Premium Plus service pack at $10.99 or $7.99 respectively, you get access to all of the normal services that you are used to, plus a few others, like FreedomPop Tethering, Security, AdBlocking, ID Protection, Data Compression, Private Internet and more for one low price.

If you aren’t sure that you are ready to start saving quite yet, that’s ok, FreedomPop includes a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL with all of their devices. Place your order, grab a new phone number from the order page and give it a shot. If you aren’t happy in the first few weeks of trying it out, simply return the device for a refund. It’s that simple. It’s almost too good to be true, but FreedomPop has been helping save users money since 2012 and the service is only getting better and better each day.

Now, since you’ve read this far, the first thing you will probably do when you finish this, or maybe you have done it already, is look up reviews of the service on Google. This is a great thing to do, but be mindful of the fact that many of those reviews were written when FreedomPop was new and running on the old Sprint WiMAX network. The poor quality of that network led to some voice quality issues and overall performance issues with Sprint’s service. As you have probably seen in the television ads lately, Sprint’s advanced LTE Spark network is rolling out nationwide and continues to perform better and better in every test that is run on it. While some of the reviews are well done, consider how much stronger Sprint’s reviews are today when you read those older reviews.


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