Total Wireless Is The Total Package For Everyone


Once in a while, a deal comes along that is so good, you have to do a double take on it. Total Wireless is one of these deals. From free devices to a four line family plan that runs under $100 a month, Total Wireless has the perfect deal for everyone. On top of that, Total Wireless uses the Verizon LTE network, the fastest and most reliable LTE network in the country. To see just how much Total can save you over Verizon, you simply need to look at your monthly bill. Currently, a two line plan on Verizon with 8 GB of data is $70.00 per month, plus a $20.00 per line device charge. Once you add taxes to that $110.00 bill, you come out near $135.00 a month. That same 8GB plan on Total wireless is just $57.00 a month when you sign up for auto-refill. That’s a savings of almost $1000.00 a year.

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From the smallest voice and text plans to a 15GB Shared family plan, there is a great money saver for everyone. From $25.00 a month for the unlimited talk and text plan to a $35 a month unlimited talk, text and data plan, the individual user isn’t penalized for not having more people to add to their plan. Family plans can run be even less per line due to the fact that the lines are actually billed together, which lowers the cost of the plan per line to a lowly $23.75 per line on the largest family offering.

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Obviously, when you are dealing with the best network in the US, coverage is not going to be a problem. With the largest and most reliable 4G LTE network in the nation, Total Wireless has coverage when and where you need it most. If you are used to the coverage that Verizon gives you and haven’t had the opportunity to save with other MVNO’s, Total Wireless has you covered.

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Just in case saving a thousand dollars a year wasn’t enough for you, let’s take a look at the amazing deals that Total Wireless offers on devices for you. From free phones to $9.99 hot spots, Total Wireless has more for less. From saving almost $100 on the latest Galaxy S7 to completely free phones for the kids, Total Wireless has an assortment of devices from Apple, Samsung, LG, Alcatel and more just waiting for you to grab. Want the kids to have an iPhone at a reasonable cost, how about a new iPhone 5s for just $149.99?

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To make a simple story even more simple, Total Wireless is out to save you money. You aren’t going to pay for carrier stores and sales people that frustrate you. You aren’t going to pay for some corporate discount that someone else is getting. Most importantly, you aren’t going to continue to pay into a shareholder’s pocket for service that you almost have to have in today’s day and age. Total Wireless gives you the best deal on the best network, hands down. If you are ready to save, click the banner link below and get free ground shipping on any order of $9.99 or more. This is a limited time savings, so grab it now before it’s gone.

Total Wireless

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