Dear Manufacturers: Bring Back The Thick Phone…

If there is one trend in mobile that EVERYONE seems to be partaking in lately, it’s bigger phones with more screen real estate. The second, and almost as popular trend is making phones as thin as possible. Whether this means they have a bulging camera, or an inferior design, thin has taken on the phablet as the silliest design concept ever invented. Remember the days of the Zoolander phone, where they were trying to make one as tiny as possible? Now it seems that big and flat is the design trend of the masses. What they don’t think about is what you give up to give that new device that slim line and how much better a device could be with a bit more heft to it.

For example, I’m currently holding a shiny, gold Galaxy Note 5. It measures a meager .3” thick and weighs just 6 ounces. That’s crazy for a device that offers so much power to be so thin. Which makes one wonder, that if they had just made it as thick as it is with the Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon case is, how much more could they have done? The case adds a solid 1/16”-1/8” of thickness to the phone. If that space could be appropriated to the battery, that would mean a full 2.5 cubic inches of room that could be used to increase the capacity of the battery. This could theoretically mean a 4000mAh battery instead of a 3000 mAh battery would be used in the device. That would mean an additional 2-4 hours of screen on time without using a power saving mode. All for an 1/8” used correctly.

Manufacturers have become so intent on building the ‘perfect’ feeling phone, that they’ve forgotten that the first thing most people do is throw a thick, protective case on the device. If they took the route that many of the backup battery/case companies did, and built this into the design of the device, you would see a major improvement in devices lasting through a full day of use, rather than just making it from charger to charger throughout the day. The Alegant Galaxy Note 5 Battery Case is a great example of how they can ‘blow up’ the device and get a solid look to it. This particular battery adds 4200mAh of power to the device without adding more than a 1/4” of bulk to it.

Perhaps we can stop the talk of creating the thinnest phone ever by creating the longest lasting phones since Nokia ruled the planet. Maybe they will start putting a premium on power instead of ultra-thin designs. Everyone will like them for that one, even if it’s not the most fashion forward look on the planet.

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