Unlimited Voice And Text To US And Mexico For Under $20 A Month


If you are a user with friends south of the border that you love to chat and text with, our friends at FreedomPop have a deal for you. Yesterday, the folks down in Hollywood launched a new program that includes unlimited talk and text to the US and Mexico. To make it even better, you get a virtual US and Mexico phone number. The $19.99 monthly price tag is a small price to pay for unlimited talk and text, but when you add the 500MB of included data to the mix, it becomes a major value. You can expand that data for free using the FreedomPop Freedom Friends and Data Earning programs.

To make the deal even sweeter, you can land a Kyocera Hydro Icon at 85% off list price with the current deal. Of course, it wouldn’t be right to not have a free month of service to offset the cost of the device, so that’s thrown in also. The features of the plan are highlighted below. If you think you’re ready to experience a $20 a month cell bill that includes all the calling and texting you can dish out to your friends stateside and in Mexico, then hit the link below for more details.

Main Features:
– Unlimited Talk & Text to the US
– Unlimited Talk to Mexico landline & mobile
– 500 MB of data each month
– Virtual Mexico phone number in addition to your US number
– No contracts & no credit checks
– Visual Voicemail
– WiFi calling & texting from anywhere

Link: FreedomPop

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