We Think This Should Be The Un-Carrier’s Next Big Deal


T-Mobile has certainly done quite a bit to turn the cellular industry on its ear, but what should be their next big thing? They already ditched service contracts in favor of device payments. They offer data free streaming of many music Apps and video services. They even offer rollover data for certain plans. So, what on earth could be the next big thing? Well, if we had it our way, T-Mobile will implement – FREE DATA FOR GAMING!

Yes, after streaming services, gaming is the most data intensive service that the average smartphone user enjoys. For example, Last month, my personal device racked up 565MB in Slacker Radio data, 851MB in YouTube and just 3.27MB in Google Play Music.  Yet the three games that I play the most, used 1.37GB (Golf Star), 821MB {Bowling King) and 75.71MB (Darts Match). So, if I were on the 6GB plan, I would have spent 1/3+ of my data allotment just playing those three games for the month. The bad part is that that magical LTE data isn’t even needed for logging on to a gaming service, so let’s bring that back to reality and make this the next “UN” move.

If you play games like Candy Crush, Cut The Rope, Angry Birds or anything that requires a log in to Google Services, you are using data to play. If T-Mobile makes their next move “Un-Gaming” data, it would make a huge difference in the overall impact that your data has in your life. Sure, they might need to figure out a way to do it, but even if they made the Google Services games the first step, (these are the games that show you logging into Google Play at the beginning,) it would be a huge saver to consumers. So, John, here’s your idea, now run with it.

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