Once You Go Wireless, You’ll Never Go Back


If you have one of those amazing new devices in your hand with Qi charging, especially fast Qi charging, you want to make sure that you have everything in your hands that will take advantage of that amazing cable free charging experience. We’ve all seen the furniture adaptations and the stands for the desktop, but have you ever considered snagging a gorgeous vent holder that will charge your phone on the go, in the car?

That’s right, the Qi-Finity Fast Wireless Car Dock is available from Amazon for just under $40. The Qi-Finity uses your existing fast charge 2.0 USB plug to run its fast charging Qi plate back while holding your device securely in place when you drive. The very well built vent clips clamp to either side or vertical vent systems and have a solid hold. Fitting devices all the way up to the Samsung Note 5, the Qi-Finity seems to be a great fit for most larger devices. There have been some reports that the wireless sensor is a bit low in the device to get so certain models, so make sure to check out reviews with your individual device prior to ordering.

The Qi-Finity Fast Charging Wireless Car Dock is available from Amazon for $36.99 and features an 83% 4-5 star rating. Don’t forget you can order the QC 2.0 USB adapter at the same time and use code MNBXDSUK at checkout to save 10%. Just hit the link below and enjoy full wireless charging solution for your vehicle.

Links: Qi-Finity Fast Charging Wireless Car DockQC 2.0 USB adapter

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