When It Comes To Savings, It’s All About Mii


In a world of cut-throat wireless carriers, all claiming to be better than everyone else, everywhere, it’s refreshing when someone comes along and just says, “You deserve more.” For too long wireless carriers have had all the power and the consumer was forced to deal with whatever they said. Those days are gone and consumer choice is at an all time high. That isn’t stopping the next big thing from moving in, and from all accounts, the next big thing is something that everyone should get ready for. Finally, wireless service isn’t about overcharging people, or locking them into a horrible phone payment scheme. Wireless service is finally about you and Mii.

MiiWireless, an MVNO that will be coming to market later this summer is about to make a splash so large in the market that it should scare the big guys out of their skin. In fact, it almost seems too good to be true, but it’s 100% factual. MiiWireless takes everything about cellular and flips it upside down, finding, “creative ways to generate income and make sure that phone service is a birth right.” Instead of leveraging poor VoIP technology or working off a subpar network, MiiWireless is all about you and your service.


Beginning with the plan, everything about Mii says that the consumer is number one in their eyes. For just $19.99 a month, users can enjoy unlimited talk and text over cellular voice lines, not some App that has to route calls through a foreign country to connect, and 2GB of LTE data. Oh, and the kicker, a brand new Android powered device. Yes, that $19.99 a month includes service and a device. It’s also a no-contract offering, so you order online, the phone is shipped to you and you start using it. If for any reason you aren’t happy with the service, you simply return the phone and move on. This pins the full year cost of the plan at just under $240 with the phone included.

For those that seem to think that this deal is beyond possible, keep in mind that most of the cellular companies have been chopping each other’s bills in half for quite some time now. MVNO’s like Boost Mobile, MetroPCS and even Verizon Wireless Prepaid have all cut their rates and added more product to their offerings in the last year. MiiWireless just takes this train of thought and brings the savings to an all new level. Of course, the $19.99 price tag for the service is, “Our starting price. Our goal is to make the service completely free within the first two years,” according to MiiWireless Founder, Kamil Grzych.


While no details about the make of the handset that would be included with the $19.99 a month plan were passed along to us, Grzych did let us know that it would not be a cheap, run of the mill device. They are looking at an Android device with a 5.5” display and a retail price of around $250. This would signal that it is a mid-range device that should be adequate for most users. More details on the device will come later this spring as launch becomes closer, bur for now, just knowing that it is not a $79.99 retail special can put most users at ease.

Of course, our first concern was how could MiiWireless sustain this pricing model long term. We’ve seen too many times where an MVNO comes on the scene with a disruptive model that may last 3-6 months before major changes have to happen. This doesn’t appear to be the case with MiiWireless as they are going to leverage data and technology to offset the cost of the service. More details on how they will use these services to offset the cost of the mobile service will also be available later in the Spring or early Summer, prior to launch.

Overall, MiiWireless appears to be one of the first MVNO launches in recent history that will turn the industry upside down in a good way. Without using an unsustainable pricing model or guaranteeing that you will make millions, MiiWireless is all about you, the consumer. While we are sure that there will be some kinks in the system, especially around the time the phones start shipping and the service becomes active, it seems that the folks at MiiWireless may have found a better way to do things. Between lowering the cost of service and device to an anemic level and offering that service on a network that will delivery a top quality experience, our advice is to get over to the MiiWireless home page and get registered today. Launch is coming later this summer, but you never know just how big this will be.

Link: www.MiiWireless.com

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  1. They are dead before they even started. They pulled their Facebook page down and their website redirects to Verizon. Such a shame

    1. Ron Lunsford says:

      Sad to see it go away before it even started. That is the life of a tech startup today though…

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