A New Phone And A Full Year Of Service For $600–Welcome To Verizon.


When someone thinks of Verizon Wireless, they usually think of expensive bills and locked up handsets. What reality has become is that for about $600 a year, there’s the new LG Optimus Zone 3 and 12 months of unlimited talk, text and 3GB of data waiting for them. The new Verizon Prepaid Plans are avaialble in two simple sizes, both featuring unlimited talk and text, but one with 3GB of data for $45 a month and the other with 6GB of data for $60. Both plans require enrollment in AutoPay.

For those looking for a great starter handset, the LG Optimus Zone 3 could fill the list out quite nicely. Out of the box, the Optimus Zone 3 is powered by a Quad-Core 1.1 GHz processor, and 1.5GB of RAM. The Zone 3 also runs Android 5.1.1 on its 4.5” display and LTE speeds.

Of course, the Zone 3 isn’t the perfect device, at least when compared to the $750 flagship devices of today. The meager 8GB of internal memory will fill quickly when users install Apps, but the addtion of an SD card can ease the storage issues by providing storage for music, videos and photos. The 5MP primary camera also leaves a bit to be desired in lower light and less than optimal conditions.

Overall, the LG Optimus Zone 3 is a great device to pair with the $45 a month Verizon Prepaid offering. The $69.99 price tag makes the Zone 3 affordable and the mid-level specs keep the device from failing on daily use.  Hit the link below to check out Verizon’s Prepaid offerings.

Link – Verizon Prepaid

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