When Great Apps Get Misunderstood


When someone downloads a new App but doesn’t have the best luck using it, often times they leave a scathing review about it. Unfortunately for the developer, these reviews usually take quite a bit of coaching to have the user make any changes to them. For example, the Expansion Packs for the Samsung S NOTE App are getting blow apart by users that click the App, only to have nothing happen. This is where instructions are key, but as a user, realizing how you installed it is also very important.


In the case of most in-app purchases or additional features that were installed from within the app itself, users need to use them from within the app. Trying to click the new icon for the features themselves usually results in nothing happening at all. By opening up the original app, users should see the new options added to the menus or selection areas.

If you have been a victim of the, extension didn’t work from the icon issue, give yourself and the app another shot to see if you can get more out of it. Then, go back and change that 1/2 star review to something more deserving of an app that was just a bit difficult to figure out how to use instead of one that just plain doesn’t work.

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