Verizon Adds More Data To Prepaid Options


As Verizon continues to get beat up on in the press by T-Mobile, the nation’s largest carrier isn’t happy just sitting back and taking it. Big Red continues to roll out deal after deal, and even attack T-Mobile back. In the latest volley of deals, Verizon has upped their prepaid offerings to now include 3GB of data with their $45 and 6GB of data with their $60 plan. While it doesn’t quite reach the MVNO “unlimited” levels, the fact that plans continue to increase on all the major carriers, without affecting pricing, is a great thing. Probably the largest positive to this deal is that for a family of 4, you can walk away with a decent handset in the sub $100 range and pay just $45 a month per line for Verizon’s service. This makes the monthly cost for a family of 4 $180 a month for the ability to use 3GB each.

When the 3GB isn’t quite enough, you can purchase a 500MB, 1GB or 2GB data add-on that are good for 30, 90 and 90 days respectively. 500MB of data will only cost you a $5 top up. The 1GB raises the price to $10 and the 3GB is just $20 more. The 1GB and 3GB add-ons are good for a full 90 days as well. It’s also worth noting that Verizon’s prepaid services do not have surcharges on top of them, though sales tax may be added in your area. Remember the additional bonus data requires that you are signed up for AutoPay, so no shopping discount refills to save a buck on this one.

The two year cost of the Verizon Prepaid program for a signle user on the $45 a month offering is $1080, plus device. This compares to almost $1725 for the same option under their postpaid offerings after taxes and fees have been added. As you can tell from those numbers, the prepaid offering is quite the steal if you want to move to Verizon. Again, devices like the Moto E or HTC Desire 526 will set you back less than $100 to get started with the savings on the Verizon prepaid plan. If you want more phone, selections include the newest devices from LG, Samsung and Apple, but be prepared to pay an upfront cost of nearly $900 for the upper tiered devices as they all come unlcoked and ready to use on any GSM caerrier in the US or worldwide. If you think this offer is right up your alley, hit the link below to check it out.

Link: Verizon Wireless Prepaid

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