Hidden Data Mongers And High Speed Data Usage


As an editor of a smartphone blog, I hate to see it when rogue Apps destroy a users battery, performance or even worse, go on a data stream spree using up your cellular data instead of rolling on to the Wi-Fi network it is supposed to be hooked to. Unfortunately, this is exatly what my Samsung Note 5 did to me last night as I remoted in to a PC via Chrome Desktop Remote. What happened over the next 10 to 15 mintues was the Note logged off of the Wi-Fi connection, slipped back to mobile data and then proceeded to run up over 125MB of data.

I’ve shot off a few emails to Samsung today to see if there is any explaination to the random behavior, but I’m fully expecting a ‘this is your fault’ or maybe the ‘device needs to come in for service’ thing. I know that that is the simple answer for everything wrong with our smartphones today, at least according to the manufacturers, but the carriers always try to pin the blame on them as well, so you do have to wonder if some of it may be true. For the time being, I’m making the official PSA to make sure to shut off your mobile data if you are connected up to a Wi-Fi connection – or just somewhere you won’t be needing it.

As someone that had Google Play Music go rogue last month for a 250MB download and then had Google Chrome Remote do it again this month, it only makes sense to me to shut down that connection until I need it for something. Not only will it save me some needed data for when I need it, but it will also save me a hit to the pocket book if a few choose to go crazy within the same billing cycle. Of course, if you are on an unlimited plan, you don’t need to worry, but if you aren’t, keep track of your Apps that are chewing through your data.

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