Ten Minutes With Windows For Mobile


It was time once again to break out our staff HTC One M8 for windows for another Windows Update. What we didn’t know, was that this time, it would be different. You see windows is growing up and getting much stronger. Gone are the days of sloppy designs and poor quality OS issues. Windows is getting it’s polish on.


The overall look of the OS isn’t changing much, nor has it since Windows Phone 8. Sure, a bit of that polishing has been done, but honestly,  you can take it right back to that Windows Phone 7 look pretty quickly if you want to.


Next in line is the fact that the App Store is actually starting to fill in, finally! A good selection of games, productivity and social networking options have all found their way into the Windows Store. Unfortunately,  many are still in their 8/8.1 modes, but at least they are popping up now instead of just going missing like they had in previous builds.


Another positive about the latest updates from Microsoft is how well the Outlook App is progressing in the latest build. For some time now, it’s seemed as if Redmond was devoting all their Outlook development to iOS and Android. Today, it appears that the death of Windows Mobile was greatly exaggerated.

Everything in the latest build is just a tad sharper than it was last month. It’s still far from perfect, but with every Insider release, Microsoft continues to build towards something better. Sure, market share may be dwindling, but that probably has more to do with people buying multiple phones for themselves and not anything to do with new user adoption rates.

For example, many users simply take their old devices and save them for e-readers or for using as a music player at the gym when they land a newer version. Like those that purchased a Galaxy S4 and are now getting a new S6. The market numbers count that as 2 active devices as long as they are both accessing data. That could signal a false sense of “growth” as the total number of users didn’t change, but the number of devices did.

While nobody knows what the future holds for Windows on the smaller screen, it is very safe to say that the folks in Redmond are moving in the correct direction, and are doing it at a pretty strong pace.

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