The Best External Storage Solutions For Your Phone


When it comes to massive amounts of storage, it seems that many phone companies aren’t getting the message. In fact, devices like the iPhone have had non-expandable storage for quite some time. This hasn’t hurt sales of the iPhone and iPads in the past, and with companies like Samsung following suit, it doesn’t seem like the practice will go away anytime soon. In this post, we are going to cover the MicroSD solutions that are available for use with most Android devices.


A great option for those using MicroUSB devices like the Galaxy line, LG phones or HTC devices is the Dash Micro – Mini MicroSD Card Reader for Android. The Dash Reader will only set users back $12.99 and it ships free with Amazon Prime shipping. It allows a user to attach any MicroSD card to the reader, then plugs into the device (any USB OTG compatible device works fine) to expand storage on the go. The clip on keychain holder ensures that the Dash Reader is always with you and ready to go. Just pop it out of the keychain holder and into your phone for a quick memory boost on the go. It’s great for saving larger videos and quite a few images to while you are out and about. Pair it with the SanDisk Ultra 64GB USH-1 MicroSD card for a great solution under $40.


The 64GB Sony MicroVault is also a worth addtion to anyone’s limited phone memory. Using the same USB On The Go technology that the Dash Reader above uses, the Sony MicroVault is a one piece solution to your storage needs. Simply plug it in and use the device’s standard file system manager to move things around. The Sony MicroVault starts in an 8GB size for $11.69, but also comes in 16GB for $20.37, 32GB for $26.39 and a 64GB size for $44.83. The Sony MicroVault require no additional memory cards for storage.


The Leef Access MicroSD Card Reader is another “Dash Reader” style card reader for USB OTG devices. The plus and minus to the Leef Access is that there is no key ring adatper like the Dash Reader features, but instead of that, you recieve a second slot to store an additional card in. There is only one active reader slot, but the added storage is nice if you think you will need dual 64GB cards, or even more storage than that. The Leef Access Reader is $12.99 and also ships free with Amazon Prime shipping. It does require an additional purchase of a memory card as well. Again, just like the Dash, the SanDisk Ultra 64GB USH-1 MicroSD card is a great choice for filling up the slots on this unit.


Our final drive is a bit more of a useful tool than just a backup source. The SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive not only backs up your data, but with its dual port design, it also makes it one of the best options for moving files between your device and anythign with a standard USB port. This is due to the slider mechanism that switches the ports from the left (standard USB) to the right (micro USB) to enable the drive to be used on just about any device on the planet. The SanDisk Ultra Flash Drive is available in 4 sizes ranging from $8.95 for a 16GB to $39.99 for a 128GB. The best values, however, are the 32GB for $12.54 or the 64GB for $19.71. Of course, if you do take a good amount of photos and videos, that 128GB capacity at $39.99 should be right up your alley.


Of course, if you are already loaded up on Flash Drives and MicroSD cards with readers for standard USB ports, you can always grab yourself a nice USB OTG adapter cable to bring that storage with you. Our money is on the Ugreen MicroUSB 2.0 OTG Cable for $4.99. It’s a bit higher cost than the Dollar Store varities that are out there on Amazon and Ebay, but the quality of the connectors is worth it. You don’t have to worry about bad connections or ruining your charging port with this quality cable. Simply plug your drive into the female USB connector and plut the male MicroUSB connector into your device. Instantly, your USB OTG compatible device will pull up the drive or memory card that is inserted and you are all set. The Ugreen MicroUSB cable is a great way to use the storage that you already have on any device you need to use it on.

In the next few weeks, we will cover the same style adapters for both the 30 pin iPhone and the newer 9 pin lightning ports. As soon as we have some solid candidates, we will get them posted for you.

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