Protect Your New Phone With A New Case


If you just purchased a new smartphone, you might want to consider some serious protection for it. Of course, if you don’t want to add much bulk to your device, something like an Otterbox case may not be something you’d be interested in. In fact, many people today spend a pretty penny to get a nicer finish or color than the plain old black or sliver colors that phones used to come in. Perhaps you want a protective case that will show off that beautiful phone without adding much bulk? Perhaps you should step up and grab a ULAK Clear Slim series case for your phone?

The ULAK Clear Slim series case combines an ultra slim design with a pretty adequate amount of protection. While it doesn’t offer the same type of protection that that Otterbox case mentioned above would, it does offer a great deal more than the shell of the device you are carrying right now does. The ultra clear case is made of an almost solid back with softer “TPU” feeling edges. The case we tested with the Note 5 fit the phone perfectly with all the holes and buttons aligning correctly. Overall, the ULAK Clear Slim series case was a big hit on the big phone.

The best part was the fact that the ULAK Clear Slim series case elevates the phone just enough for the camera to clear the surfaces you set it down on. This gives the lens a bit more protection and will prevent scratches on it long term. Even more fun that the clear on clear look that the ULAK offers is the colored bumpers available on some models. Of course, great protection and the slim form factor of the case wouldn’t mean much if the price wasn’t great. This is another gold star for the ULAK Clear Slim series case, most designs carry a price tag under $10 and are available from Amazon with Prime Shipping. Hit the link below to see if the ULAK Clear Slim series case is avaialble for your device.

Link: ULAK Clear Slim series case

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