Unlimited Talk, Text and 1GB Of Data For Free


It seems that our friends at FreedomPop are watching the competition and doing everything in their power to one up them. With RingPlus upping their offerings on a weekly basis (currently they are running 1,800 minutes, texts and MB of data for a $20 top-up fee) FreedomPop has felt the need to throw caution to the wind and run an unlimited, top-up plan out to the public as well. FreedomPop’s offering starts with unlimited talk and text, then adds 1GB of 4G data each month.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to the deal, like the fact that you have to bring your own Sprint device to the plan and the lack of number availability in many areas, but overall, how can you beat virtually free cellular service? On top of that, with the Freedom Friends program, you can actually rack up an additional 500MB of data pretty easily and find plenty of people that will share additonal MB’s when they have extra. FreedomPop does impose some soft caps on their plans with 2500 minutes and 5000 texts being deemed as the starting point for unlimited accounts, but a simple message to a support agent or a quick phone call to FreedomPop will reset the counter for your device.

This deal is live for a limited time and if you are always around Wi-Fi and just need a data connection for when you are running around on the town, the current FreedomPop BYOD offer is quite intriguing. If you are a power user, or someone that spends a fair amount of time outside of major metro areas, you might want to consider a slightly stronger network that will keep your costs down instead.

Link: FreedomPop BYOD Offer

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