GearBest’s New Year Sale


Most readers have probably never heard of While most of you probably shop for accessories from Amazon or Ebay, when it comes time to grab that new phone, smartwatch or tablet, you should probably hit GearBest first, even to just check the pricing on what you are looking for. While you may not see many names you recognize, you will see quite a few specs at prices you almost won’t believe. For example, the Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch will certainly look familiar, but the $39.99 price tag will make you look twice.

Of course, it’s not all strange brands at crazy low prices at GearBest. You’ll see popular brands like ZTE, Samsung and Xiaomi on the site as well. For those that don’t know, Xiaomi is quickly becoming one of the more popular smartphone brands around the world right now. Their incredible phones at even more incredible pricing makes them a tough one to beat. The Redmi Note 3 has specs that rival $600 flagship devices in the US, yet it features a $222.46 price tag at GearBest right now. That’s unlocked and ready to use on any US MVNO that uses GSM networks.

Of course, the deals at GearBest are even bigger on accessories for devices you may already own. Maybe a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones for $12.50. Maybe a Samsung 32GB Class 10 EVO MicroSD card for $10.39 or a Solar Energy 48000 mAh power bank for $13.82 (61% off list) is what you might need to fill out your travel bag. Anyway you look at it, the GearBest New Year Sale is something worth checking out. Hit the link below to visit GearBest.

Link: GearBest


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