The LG Stylo Is The Perfect Device To Boost Your Holiday Budget


Trying to find a decent cellphone under $200 is challenging. When Boost Mobile teamed with LG to bring the G Stylo to the masses for under $200, it appeared to be a pretty great deal. Of course, the holidays always bring out something a bit better, and today, you can order the G Stylo for $99.99 and get free Amazon Prime shipping to make sure the device arrives in time to get under the tree or in that stocking.

The LG G Stylo features a huge 5.7” HD display, a very strong 8MP BSI rear camera for good lower light shooting and a 5MP shooter also with a BSI sensor on the front. The 3,000 mAh battery will keep most users powered up throughout a normal day and the 1GB of RAM keeps the device from lagging when multitasking. The one drawback to the G Stylo is the fact that they were only able to include 8GB of internal storage in the device. This means much of the avaialble storage is taken up by the OS, but you can install a MicroSD card in sizes up to 64GB (confirmed, though larger cards may be able to be used as well) for media and backups.

The overall quality of the G Stylo seems more along the lines of a $400-600 device. A strong camera, gorgeous display and great user experience really make the G Stylo stand out. Of course, you can activate the G Stylo on Boost Mobile or you can opt to take it to Ring Plus or even try activating it on FreedomPop’s BYOD program. Anywhere you take the G Stylo, you’re bound to be happy with it. Of course, visit and check out the coverage maps before you order, just to make sure you’ll have a signal when it gets there.

Amazon: LG G Stylo


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