FreedomPop Drops CPO Moto E To $39.99 With Free Service


If you’ve been waiting for that perfect device to get setup with FreedomPop, your time may be now. Right now, the Sprint MVNO is offering the Moto E with free service for just $39.99. While the free plan is rather limited, the fact that you can grab a sub $40 phone and get 200 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data for nothing out of pocket each month is a pretty awesome deal. Keep in mind that by pairing this deal with the FreedomPop Freedom Friends program, you can expand that data to 1GB without much work. You can also expand the minutes and texts of your plan by using the Google Hangouts App instead of the native FreedomPop Apps.

The Moto E (2nd Gen) is a great starter handset, but it works equally well for a backup line or business line with Google Voice/Hangouts. The handset is powered by a Quad-core 1.2GHz processor, has 8GB of internal storage and is still slated for the Android 6.0 update soon. Whether or not this will come to the FreedomPop edition is not known, but a a solid community of developers is always working behind the scenes to make sure that the Moto handsets continue to stay current.

For now, the $39.99 Moto E is a very good price on a CPO device for the FreedomPop network. Supplies, as usual, are limited on any FreedomPop device, so make sure you grab yours now. Don’t expect it to arrive in time to get under the tree though, many FreedomPop shipments take between 4-5 weeks to arrive with some going out much longer than that. If you’re ready to jump on the FreedomPop wagon, hit the link below to visit their site.

Link: FreedomPop

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